Peppadew Jalapeno

Hot news! Peppadew branches out of piquante peppers

Peppadew International is set to expand the presence of its Peppadew brand and drive growth in the pickle category with the launch of an innovative new range of products featuring Pickled Onions, Jalapeno slices and Jalapeno halves under the Peppadew brand name.

The launch of this range builds on the local and international success of its much loved piquanté pepper range – also produced under the Peppadew brand name.

Why Peppadew Pickled Onions and Jalapenos? “Locally the Peppadew brand is dominant in the pickle category with its range of piquanté peppers,” explains Peppadew International managing director, Phil Ovens, “and we felt that it was time to maximide that leadership position by adding a new taste adventure to the provocative Peppadew brand personality.”

Peppadew OnionsAll products under the Peppadew brand name have, until now, contained piquanté peppers making the introduction of Pickled Onions and Jalapenos range that much more attractive. Says Ovens, “This range will not only extend the Peppadew brand presence in the pickle category; but will further fuel our relationship with consumers who increasingly demand more tantalising tastes in a variety of quick and convenient formats. When consumers think of pickled anything, we want them to think of us.”

The Peppadew Pickled Onion range, he adds, brings a new meaning to the words ‘crunch’ and ‘taste’, while the Jalapenos are preserved in a sweet brine as opposed to the savoury brines currently used by competitors.

Peppadew Pickled Onion and Jalapeno range do not contain artificial colourants, have a shelf life of 12 months, are presented in premium Peppadew packaging and are available in the pickle aisle in supermarkets nationwide.