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FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award 2010

FRUIT LOGISTICA, the premier annual fresh produce expo, was held in Berlin last week. The organisers report a record attendance with 53 000 trade visitors from 130 different countries, and 2 302 exhibitors from 71 countries represented.

Part of the show is the FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Awards (FLIA) – this year they recognised outstanding new products or services that have had a significant impact on the fruit and vegetable industry and were introduced to the market between 1st November 2008 and 31st October 2009.

The Winner!

ART-Arils Removal Tool, from Mehadrin Tnuport Export, Israel

ART-Arils Removal ToolThe ART-Arils Removal Tool –is a simple and clever tool for pitting pomegranates quickly, cleanly and easily.

Pomegranates have become very popular in recent years. However, the task of peeling and pitting the pomegranate itself can be a little off-putting. The Arils Removal Tool provides a simple and innovative solution for pitting this very healthy fruit.

The shape and size of the ART are reminiscent of a lemon press. The tool comprises a bowl to catch the seeds, a grid and a flexible silicone dome. After removing the crown, the pomegranate is cut in half, placed on the grid and covered with the silicone dome. A table spoon or a similar object can then be used to strike the pomegranate through the dome so that the seeds simply drop into the bowl beneath. The dome also protects clothing from the rich red pomegranate juice. It is then a simple matter to enjoy the pomegranate seeds in salads, yoghurts or simply as a snack on their own.

 Market launch: September 2009

Second Place

Pommonde Potato Taste Concept, from HZPC Holland, Netherlands


Pommonde Potato Taste ConceptThe Pommonde potato taste concept offers consumers an innovative practical guide when buying potatoes in the store. The standard description of potato varieties is largely based on cooking characteristics. That does not provide much help when selecting the best variety for specific recipes. The Pommonde concept is intended to change all that.

After extensive consumer research, HZPC has now launched a new taste guide for its potato range under the Pommonde brand name using different logos and colour codes to clearly identify each separate type of potato.

* Fine (creamy and refined): A potato with a creamy structure and a fresh, sweet, buttery flavour. Especially suitable for high-quality gourmet dishes in which the potato is in balance with other ingredients.

* Lite (light and mild): A potato with a light soft structure suitable for dishes with soft neutral flavours and textures.

* Bite (firm and tasty): A potato with a distinctively firm texture and a full rich flavour.

* Ripe (floury and dry): A drier potato which is more floury in texture and suitable for a wide range of culinary applications.

Market launch: November 2008

Third Place

QS_300, from Unitec, Italy


ImageThe QS_300 is a portable instrument for monitoring and measuring the internal quality of a wide range of fruit and vegetables including pip- and stonefruit, citrus, kiwis and tomatoes, without damaging the produce itself. The unit can be used to measure the sugar content in Brix, the consistency of the fruit pulp in kg/cm2, and the level of acidity in g/l. All that is needed is to place the instrument’s sensor on the surface of the fruit.

The unit allows the rapid and mobile measurement of internal characteristics at any point in the supply chain. It obviates the need for laboratory measurements or specialised software. The data is processed automatically and instantaneously by the unit and displayed on a screen. USB and ethernet ports make onward data transmission simple. There is also a slot for SD-cards.

The instrument weighs only 1.3kg, can be operated with only one hand, and is equipped with a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery with a cycle of approximately four hours. Its energy and environmental impact is therefore minimal.

Market launch: October 2009

Other Finalists

Bellaverde Sweet Stem Broccoli, from Monsanto Vegetable Seeds, Netherlands


ImageBellaverde Sweet Stem Broccoli is a new, sweeter variety of broccoli with a long thin stem which can not only be cooked or steamed but also eaten raw as a starter or in salads. This new broccoli variety is reminiscent of traditional varieties such as Cime de Rapa which have been known for generations. To reflect these historical origins it has been given an Italian name –- Bellaverde –- which also reflects the strong green colouring of the vegetable.

The secret of the sweet taste lies in the sun. After the first broccoli head has been removed, new young shoots grow in the sun and are hand harvested after just ten days. It is this which gives them their delicate sweet taste, their attractive green colour and their special texture.

After its successful market launch in the UK in 2009, Bellaverde will be available in other countries in 2010 including Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy.

Market launch: July 2009

Carrot Fettuccini, from Aureli Mario, Italy


ImageCarrot Fettuccini is a convenience product made from 25-30cm strips of specially selected carrot varieties, cut into slices with a width of 0.8 to 1cm. They can be eaten raw as a snack or in a salad, or boiled for a few minutes and seasoned with olive oil or other spices.

Carrots are not only a very traditional product but also a very popular one. For the convenience sector Carrot Fettuccini thus make an interesting new product for the consumer. Their quick and simple preparation and consumption make them a valuable contribution to a healthy diet.

Market launch: October 2009

Dynamic Shipper, from Polymer Logistics, Netherlands


ImageThe Dynamic Shipper is a polypropylene foldable box on wheels with an adjustable elevating floor. The basic height of the floor of the box can be adjusted to a preferred level. The weight of the produce and the elastic supports will do the rest, making sure that the top layer of produce stays at more or less the same level. This represents both an ergonomic advantage for staff in the packhouse – they can fill the box safely and more easily, and customers in the retail outlet do not have to bend to reach the product. They can instead serve themselves at a convenient level.

Recent tests have proven the effectiveness of the Dynamic Shipper for promoting sales. Increases of 11% in turnover and a reduction of 2% in spillage have been recorded.

Measurements: unfolded L 80 x B 60 xH 105 cm, folded L 80 x B 60 x H 60,5 cm. Container weight 26kg. The Dynamic Shipper can hold up to 250kg and can be used in temperatures ranging from – 20 to + 50 degrees Celsius. The Dynamic Shipper can be supplied labeled and in any colour.

Market launch: November 2008

Easypack Black & Transparent, from NGP Plastic SA, Greece

ImageEasypack Black & Transparent offers the possibility of having two different colours for the lid and the base in the same single-piece clamshell pack. This means it can satisfy the trend towards multi-colour packs for the effective presentation of fresh produce while at the same time avoiding the disadvantages of separate lids and bases.

The use of a contrasting second colour means that fresh fruit and vegetable products –- such as tomatoes, grapes, cherries and berries with a strong natural colour –- can be presented more attractively and effectively in the retail outlet.

According to the manufacturer, single-piece clamshells can save up to 15% in logistic and transport costs.

Easypack Black & Transparent is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes for weights from 250g to 2kg.

Market launch: January 2009

Wonderful Pistachios Salt & Pepper, from Paramount Farms Europe, Belgium


ImageWonderful Pistachios Salt & Pepper are California pistachios with a unique new spicy flavour in a 250g bag. A new mixture of different sorts of pepper gives the otherwise typically salted pistachio a completely new warm and spicy taste. The new flavour was developed in house and tested on markets as far apart as France, Italy, Israel and the Middle East.

Only the largest sized nuts from California’’s San Joaquin Valley are used in the production of Wonderful Pistachios Salt & Pepper. The pistachios are not roasted on belts but rather on dry rotary roasters which provide an even roasting and a better flavour. They open 100% naturally.

With this new flavour, Paramount Farms aims to attract new customers to the category and provide a wider choice of products. Consumers can find a whole range of information about the product in an entertaining style at

Market launch: March 2009

Xsense Perishables Quality Monitoring System, from StePac LA, Israel


ImageThe Xsense Perishables Quality Monitoring System enables the continuous monitoring of the temperature and relative humidity of perishable fresh produce shipments on an individual pallet basis via the internet and mobile phone system in real time.

Disposable sensor tags are placed inside one carton in each pallet. Temperature and relative humidity monitoring begins immediately with data relayed to customers via standard mobile phone networks to a secure internet application. Data can be viewed on screen via the internet during every stage of the supply chain. If measurements exceed preset levels at any time, the system can send alerts by text message or e-mail. A GPS transmitter embedded in the system also allows the accurate tracking of shipping movements.

The Xsense System means that continuous product monitoring is possible at a single pallet level, enabling effective and rapid decision-making and logistical management from pack house to the retail outlet.

The system comprises disposable sensor tags, communication units, and a secure internet-based application. A PDA barcode reader is optional.

Market launch: May 2009

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