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    Smartload offers clients reusable plastic pallets and IBCs that comply with all hygiene requirements, are washed after each use and, with the power of pooling, are used in the most efficient way.

    We use sophisticated software to track and trace our assets making sure they are used as efficiently as possible while avoiding losses. Our imported pallets are of very high quality and compatible with open racking and designed to carry heavy loads.

    The advantages of reusable plastic in transport packaging are known to all, Smartload makes it possible to move from wood to plastic without the associated high capital outlay and allowing you and your customers to reap the benefits.

    Smartload SA operates in Southern Africa under license from Contraload NV.

    CLD is the leading supplier of reusable load carriers to the food and beverage industry in Europe, operating in 38 countries and has more than 1 million assets in circulation.

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