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    We are a supplier of door systems. Among the products we manufacture and install are PVC strip curtains, impact doors, high-speed doors and industrial sectional doors.

    You might wonder what are the benefits of strip curtains? To name just a few:

    • control temperature
    • saving energy/electricity
    • economical industrial divider
    • low maintenance
    • fully recyclable

    Once installed, you don’t have to open and close the curtain door. Its resting position is closed. However, pedestrians and forklifts can still pass through the opening with little effort. You can imagine just how much cleaner a warehouse will remain with such a barrier. Or how much more efficient a cold room will operate when it doesn’t constantly loose temperature when the door is left open.

    Lately we’ve also seen an increasing call the deploy plastic curtains to control birds. Yes, it is just easier to keep them outside than to allow them access to your warehouse or factory. Imagine the improvement your factory will experience without droppings, lice and bird nests!

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