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    Supa Nutri / RSQ is an on-going commercial collective specializing in the growing, harvesting, processing, warehousing and bulk wholesale supply & export of African Moringa Leaf Powder a.k.a. Moringa Superfood Vegetable Powder since 2006.

    • bulk 20 kg bags to value-added manufacturers and distributors both Export and local.
    • as packaged-for-retail 100 gram packs to traders with personalized labels.
    • as a component to  Supa Nutri / RSQ value-added products:
      • Moringa-enriched, High Nutrient, High Energy, non-GMO Sorghum Mageu Drink Powder
      • Available in 100 gram packs. Makes 1 litre Moringa Mageu drink.
        • Moringa-enriched Mageu is only manufactured and distributed with permission and under licence from Supa Nutri / RSQ Pty Ltd
      • Moringa-enriched High Nutrient, High Energy non-GMO Sorghum Porridge Powder
        • Available in 100 gram packs. Mixes with 300 ml warm water or warm milk.

    Moringa Mageu and Moringa Porridge packs available from 2500 packs (minimum per flavour) to 2 million packs. Suitable for mines or any company with large workforces.

    Purchase of Moringa Mageu & Moringa Porridge for company staff may qualify as a Corporate Social Responsibility payment. Companies can claim a tax rebate by including a staff training course on basic nutrition.

    We can supply bulk Moringa Leaf Powder with immediate capacity of 10 to 12 tons per month over and above our present demand.

    Inventory levels in Johannesburg are usually +- 5 tons.

    Supa Nutri / RSQ are sole suppliers of Moringa Leaf Powder to a South African multi-national  value-added Food manufacturer supplying over 10 tons in 16 months. We can do the same for your company.

    Our African Moringa Leaf Powder meets all international standards:

    • All shipments are accompanied by a COA (tested for a comprehensive range of Bacteria, Moulds & Yeasts)
    • tested for Heavy Metals & Agri pesticides
    • tested and guaranteed free of Soya, Wheat & Gluten

    Please contact Anna Zeederberg for more information.

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