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Company Category: Food & Drinks Ingredients, Beverage: blends, emulsions, concentrates, Cultures & Probiotics, Dairy, Cheese, Egg Ingredients, Starches, Fibres, Gums, Hydrocolloids, and Sweeteners, Sugars, SyrupsCompany Tags: CULTURES, emulsifiers, enzymes, nutritionals, and rennet

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    Dynamiko Food Ingredients is the distributor of African Food Industries (AFI), with an exciting new product range from four new distributorships – CSL, Clerici, Glanbia & Futura.

    CSL cultures – an Italian Company established in 1948 and one of the leaders in scientific research in hundreds of strains of lactic acid bacteria. The company specialises in “customer specific cultures” and tailor makes them according to each customer’s needs.

    CLERICIA – an Italian company founded towards the end of the 19th century, it specialises in animal rennets and enzymes for the dairy industry. It is the largest producer of rennet in the world currently. Its range has expanded to microbial rennets, liquid rennet, lipase of different origins and microbial, Natamax, Nisaplin and transglutaminase.

    GLANBIA – known as the ‘nutritional powerhouse’ – Glanbia Nutritionals. Its focus lies on an ability to provide customers with a complete suite of customised formulations in-line with consumer demands.

    FUTURA INGREDIENTS – a market leader in single emulsifiers, emulsifier blends, texturising solutions for the baking, dairy, confectionery, non-food applications and oils/fats industry. Futura will develop prototypes according to customer demands and has outstanding research facilities.

    Briefly, Dynamiko Food Ingredients offers an extensive range of ingredients for the peanut butter, jam, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, and dairy blend beverage industries. These include dairy cultures, emulsifiers, stabilizers, coagulants, milk powders, and preservatives.

    Our application specialists offer technical support related to any of our products or production issues.


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