Sunley Consulting

Company Category: Services and Food Tech, Food Science Consultants and ServicesCompany Tags: Technical food consultancy

  • Profile

    Nigel Sunley is a highly experienced food scientist, with extensive commercial experience, and is one of SA’s foremost labelling and regulatory experts.

    Technical consultancy to the food industry. Areas of expertise include:

    • New product development
    • Modification of existing products
    • Product cost reduction (formulations / packaging / process)
    • Feasibility studies
    • Nutritional enhancement of food products
    • Technical troubleshooting
    • Process development and efficiency investigations
    • Technical liaison with raw material & packaging suppliers
    • Development of applications for food ingredients
    • Regulatory compliance (labelling / compositional standards / pack claims)
    • Expert technical / scientific witness on legal issues relating to food
    • Management of health, nutritional & other scientific issues relating to food
    • Liaison with regulatory & other external agencies
    • Responses to consumers, media and lobbying groups on food issues
    • Assistance to commercial / marketing / PR staff regarding labelling & advertising claims
    • Management of the commercial / manufacturing / technical interface in food companies
    • Reviewing of food research capability and structure within technical / R&D functions
    • Technical training for R&D, manufacturing and commercial staff
    • Project management