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Company Category: Food & Drinks Ingredients, Beverage: blends, emulsions, concentrates, Services, Food Tech, Food Science Consultants and Services, and Research & New Product DevelopmentCompany Tags: Beverages, Development, Innovation, and Product

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    We are not just a beverage solutions business, we are so much more. We pride ourselves on being able to create flavours and beverage experiences. We like to think of ourselves as Taste Architects. It’s probably why we work with some of the biggest chains both locally and internationally.

    Whether we’re creating a new drink, matching a flavour, developing new powders or sourcing new products; we take very seriously.

    Our R&D lab operates under strict standards and if we can’t produce it locally, we’ll bring in our big guns to flavour it up.

    Our partner Compact Industries (one of the biggest powder manufacturers in the USA), has successfully supplied global chains since 1963.

    Our product range includes powders, liquids, syrups, toppings, sauces, coulis and even unexpected bits like cookie dough toppings and marshmallow fluff…the list is endless.

    Our products are easy to use, and some ready to drink – just pour and enjoy! We create formulations that can be used across many applications, giving you maximum versatility and ultimately a great cost saving.

    While our range focuses on the beverage industry, many of our products can easily be used for baking and as toppings. Our syrup range is imported from France and boasts a wide range of premium flavours.

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