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All Healthy, Organic, Sugar-Free

  • SharLeBel Mushrooms

    Organically grown Shiitake Mushrooms.  Manufacture unusual gourmet deli Shiitake Mushroom products.  Niche mushroom products include creative Shiitake Mushroom condiments and spices. 

  • Superfoods International

    Superfoods International (SI) specialises in the procurement and distribution of superfoods: Moringa Superfood Vegetable powder Baobab Superfruit powder Moringa Mageu non-GMO sorghum-based dehydrated drink powder. Moringa Mageu (liquid or powder) is a patented product and can only be produced under licence from SI. South African Patent No 2014/08614. Registered to Read more [...]

  • Delite Foods

    Delite Foods manufactures and markets the well known TANTALIZE range of delicious sugar-free foods, found in major retailers most of the time and can be purchased through our website all the time!   We have also introduced a fantastic range of high quality  DASH OF essences in 32 flavours, sweet Read more [...]

  • Melmont Honeybush Tea

    Mountain Honeybush tea (Cyclopia Intermedia), Certified Organic by CERES. Melmont Mountain Honeybush is caffeine free and a completely natura,l certified organic beverage ie it contains no contaminants, colourants, preservatives, other additives or chemical residues. Available in loose tea and tea bags.

  • Health Island

    Health Island is the only company in South Africa that specialises in vending machines with HEALTHY snacks and drinks.  We have over 70 sites in all major centres in South Africa such as companies, universities, hospitals, schools etc.

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