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Fair Cape lunchbox

Fair Cape’s new lunchbox solutions

In a development that meets many a mum’s need for interesting and healthy lunchbox fare, Cape Town’s Fair Cape Dairies has come up with Lunchbox full cream drinking and spoonable yoghurts, as well as mini-fruit juices.

School lunchboxes are no longer the terrain of the soggy sandwich. Rather they are the ideal vehicle for healthy, diverse and interesting snacks – very important for maintaining mental and physical vigour, says the company. 

Fair Cape drinking yoghurts and juices are available in mini 100ml ‘shot’ bottles, more commonly used for functional dairy drinks, while the yoghurts also come in six-pack spoonable 80ml cups. 

  • Yoghurt shots: Granadilla, Strawberry, Vanilla
  • Juice: Mango, Apple
  • Spoonable yoghurts: Strawberry, Granadilla, Vanilla

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