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Fair Cape milk in PET

Fair Cape’s milk goes retro

Cape Town-based dairy, Fair Cape, has become the first South African supplier of free range milk, packaged in an olde worlde-styled PET bottle. 

YOU’D have to be on another planet not to be aware of several major themes permeating the food and beverage options currently being presented to, and chosen, by consumers, and Fair Cape’s launch of free range milk astutely taps into several:

  • Consumers are changing the way they are eating, and show increasing interest in higher quality, more authentic food products and experiences.
  • There’s huge demand for things ‘natural’ – no additives, no artificial ingredients, sustainably produced, grass-fed, raised organically and so on.
  • Nostalgia–on-a-plate . . . ageing consumers, especially, long for the times when things were apparently simpler, when the world was rosy and less complex.

‘While other free range products, such as eggs, have been available in South Africa for a long time, this is the first time that consumers will also have access to free range milk,’ says Fair Cape of its new milk, launched a few months ago and which is available at selected retail outlets in the Western Cape.  

‘It is of utmost importance to us that our cows live in comfortable, spacious surroundings, and are treated well,’ comments Fair Cape farmer, Johannes Laubscher. ‘We take a great deal of care to ensure our herd is content and healthy, which in turn ensures an enhanced milk product.’  

Fair Cape uses the Bokomo ‘cow comfort indicator’ to ensure the wellbeing of its cows. For instance, they can choose between basking in the sun or when the temperatures get too high, they can seek the cool of the cow sheds. They eat only natural feed that contains no artificial hormones or animal by-products.  

In keeping with free range principles, Fair Cape adds that it is proudly an environmentally-responsible company, with ‘everything’ at its facilities recycled, and no effluent is pumped into the environment.

New is but the old made visible to the senses

Light is one of milk’s worst enemies and as such, milk in clear PET bottles poses some shelf-life dilemmas. These bottles, supplied by Dairypack, part of Polyoak Packaging, have no added barrier qualities but, by all accounts, Fair Cape is managing this issue.

‘In South Africa, milk in PET has been tried before, but Fair Cape is the first to achieve this kind of success and we are proud to be a partner with them in this exciting new venture,’ says Jeremy Mackintosh, group MD of Polyoak. ‘The product is selling very well and consumers are enjoying this new pack. Our perception is that they are attracted by the free range concept, it is competitively priced and it has an appealing, different and fresh look on shelf.’

He adds that the ‘old fashioned’ bottle shape conjures up almost nostalgic feelings of fresh produce that was always pure and wholesome but at the same time has a contemporary look. The two-litre variant, he notes, also has a very good size perception.

First published in PACKAGiNG & Print Media Magazine, January 2008, written by Brenda Neall

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