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Entecom launches the latest eBook in its food safety certification series

Food safety and QS compliance and training consultancy, Entecom, has compiled a valuable library of freely available eBooks – and the latest in this series is now available.

Now ten years in operation, Entecom has growth significantly over the last few years, thanks, it says to “the passionate entrepreneurs who have joined the Entecom family as franchisees”.

“We are a dedicated team, committed to improving food safety and quality standards and help companies do things smarter,” says MD, Janice Giddy.

“A huge focus for us over the last year has been our digital space – making an impact where we can and ensuring that our content is broadly accessible to our followers in the food industry.

“Our eBook campaign began when we realised the need for quick, relevant food safety content. After countless emails asking questions about the same topics day in and day out, our list of eBook titles began to evolve.

“Currently, we’re excited to be working on the series: Your Journey to Achieving Food Safety Certification.

“For anyone already in the process, or perhaps thinking about starting a food business, this eBook series explains the journey their operation will undertake – as they progress from a start-up towards a fully-fledged export business.

“We hope to provide some guidance, and a map for this pathway as they embark on what may seem as a long and hazardous journey.”

Giddy adds that the Entecom family is delighted to hear that many food business owners, managers and team members are collecting our eBooks and appreciating their content.

“This feedback is heart-warming and keeps us motivated in our quest to make a difference in the food industry.

Step one on the journey is compliance with the legislation and the R638.

This is the first  and foremost food safety compliance requirement that any food business needs to master. This regulation is applicable to any food premises where food is handled (manufactured, stored, distributed, prepared, transported or sold and intended for public consumption).

By law, a Certificate of acceptability is required, as this extract explains:

“If your name is on the Certificate of Acceptability (CoA) as the person in charge of the business, then according to sub-regulation 10, you will need to be suitably qualified or have received accredited training on the principles and practices of food safety and hygiene, or that you have been trained by an inspector.

“This sub-regulation also describes in more detail the food hygiene training required for the other staff working on the premises and that this training includes routine assessment and follow-up training where necessary. The training programmes and records should be kept as evidence of the training.”

“So, if the COA is in your name, make sure that you attend SETA accredited training,” advises Giddy. “We’ve got the training you need to comply before the deadline at the end of June this year.”

In part five of the latest eBook in the series, the following sections of the Basic Assessment requirements are covered:

  • BA 1 – Training
  • BB 1 – Personal Hygiene
  • BB 2 – Facility Management

To catch up with Entecom’s previous eBooks and the rest of the series, head to the Entecom website where they are free to download.

“We are proud of the practical content these eBooks provide – giving our food safety community heaps of handy tips and the right steps to achieving food safety certification,” Giddy concludes.

Click the pic left for easy download of Entecom’s latest eBook…

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