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Dr Lucia Anelich to head ILSI South Africa

Well-known food safety expert and microbiologist, Dr Lucia Anelich, has been appointed Executive and Scientific Director of ILSI-South Africa. ILSI or the International Life Sciences Institute is a non-profit, worldwide organisation whose mission is to provide science that improves public health and well-being.

Anelich takes over the reins of the organisation locally from Nick Starke who was its branch co-ordinator for several years. However, her remit now as director is to extend its operations and scope in the country.

“ILSI achieves its mission by fostering collaboration among experts from academia, government, and industry on conducting, gathering, summarising, and disseminating science,” says Anelich.

“Its activities focus primarily on nutrition and health promotion; food safety; risk assessment; and the environment. ILSI believes leading scientists from academia, government, and industry can and should work together to identify and address topics and concerns of common interest.”

With the ILSI mission in mind, she says her plans are to:

  • Build ILSI-SA into a vibrant and well-known organisation in South Africa
  • Ensure a regularly updated and vibrant website
  • Attract more members to ILSI
  • Promote, participate and hold meetings, discussions, symposia, conferences etc to disseminate scientific information on the aspects that ILSI focuses on to the benefit of its members as well as government and academia ie the unique tripartite ILSI approach
  • Create opportunities for wider participation in harmonising food regulations based on science
  • Work closely with ILSI global to expand ILSI work into Sub-Saharan Africa specifically

Current 2013 members of ILSI-SA are Unilever South Africa, Nestle South Africa, Coca Cola Southern Africa, DSM Nutritional Products, Mars Africa, Monsanto South Africa, Bayer Cropscience, Nampak and, adds Anelich, there is room for several more.

The ILSI annual report for 2011 (2012 not out yet) is available on the ILSI website at

While assuming this new ILSI position, Anelich will also continue running her own vibrant consultancy business, Anelich Consulting, that offers wide-ranging consulting and training services in risk assessment, implementation of food safety management systems and regulatory compliance. See details here

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