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Coke Zero launches in SA

COCA-Cola Zero, which has proved to be a phenomenal success in other markets, has made a splashy local debut. The latest addition to the Coca-Cola South Africa (CCSA) stable, which ‘tastes exactly like classic Coca-Cola, but has the added benefit of zero sugar’ – comes in a distinctive black pack, setting it apart from the Coca-Cola red colours.

Since its launch in the US, Coca-Cola Zero has been voted the hottest new product by AOL, second only to the Apple iPhone.

Speaking at the colouful launch function, CCSA marketing and commercial leadership director, Ilan Sobel, described the launch as one of the most important events in the soft drink giant’s history: ‘It’s what consumers would least expect: the taste we have always had with Coca-Cola, but with zero sugar. The brand has a unique attitude, which is edgy and innovative. The new brand has been launched in over 85 markets, and its phenomenal success has helped fuel total soft drink sales the world over.

‘In 2007 the sparkling soft drinks market in South Africa showed a 13.1% volume growth and 21.9% value growth. The diet and “light” drinks segments account for about 14% of the total sparkling soft drinks market. We expect this segment to show significant growth following the launch of Coca-Cola Zero in South Africa.

‘Research shows both men and women are becoming more health and body conscious, in line with global health and wellness trends. This consumer insight provided the company with the opportunity to increase the growth of the sparkling sugar-free segment,’ Sobel said.

He added that the global success of Coca-Cola Zero to date is due to its authentic Coke taste. It appeals to those who are looking for ‘the pleasure Coke has always given, but with Zero sugar’.

Sobel noted that aside from the taste, the product also looks great in its contemporary, modern, bold and stylish black packaging, with the signature red Coca-Cola logo.

From August the product will be available countrywide, and it will cost the same as classic Coca-Cola. He said the launch of Coca-Cola Zero in South Africa will have no impact on the sales of Coca-Cola and Coke light, as the target audiences are different.

‘Coca-Cola Zero’s personality is different to our other brands, and our marketing will reflect that, with some fresh ideas that we haven’t tried before,’ said Sobel.


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