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Chaywa coffee by Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola launches Chaywa coffee brand

CHAWYA, a premium food service ‘bean-to-cup coffee’ for people ‘on the move’ has been launched by Coca-Cola South Africa. To date, Chaywa is available in Canada and Norway. South Africa is only the third market to introduce it.

The decision to enter the coffee space follows a strategic re-visioning by Coca-Cola to become a ‘total non-alcoholic beverage company’. Local and global market research, it says, identified a gap in terms of ‘on-the-go’ coffee, where the levels of availability and quality were poor. To realise the opportunity, Coca-Cola says it has leveraged its vast knowledge of the beverage industry and consumer needs to develop a product and brand that’s aligned with modern lifestyles and satisfies the desire for high-quality coffee ‘on the move’.

Chaywa is a 100% blend of mainly Arabica and some Robusta beans sourced and processed in India. 

Five espresso-based drinks are available: espresso, black coffee, white coffee, cappuccino and chocochino, as well as hot chocolate.

Chaywa brews and pours a cup in about 26 seconds. This speed is made possible by a high-tech, fully automatic coffee machine that performs the role of a barista at the push of a button, that’s manufactured for Coca-Cola by Brasilia in Italy. Chaywa is served in a functional but stylish paper cup.

The Hot Beverage business manager at Coca-Cola South Africa, Gareth Haarhoff, says: ‘Just as consumers pay particular attention to what they wear, the car they drive and the cell phone they use, so their choice of coffee “to go” reflects their status. What makes Chaywa stand out in the category is that they get the quality and service that’s synonymous with Coca-Cola products, plus a brand that’s contemporary, edgy and fashionable. With Chaywa, you want to be seen carrying the cup because it makes an important statement about who you are, where you’re going and what you want.’

Presently available through the Sasol forecourt network, several Nu Metro cinemas and a range of other select outlets, Chaywa has a business service for companies that want to offer the coffee to their staff and customers. Prices per cup start from R6.95.


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