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Clover Cafe Creme

Clover launches SA-first fresh coffee creamer

Clover recently launched another first for South Africa, Clover Café Crème, a 100% natural, reduced fat, fresh dairy cream designed for mixing with hot drinks.

Another first for South Africa, this new product blends instantly with coffee to create a rich, creamy taste experience.

Clover Café Crème is currently one of a kind with no similar product in the retail market. What’s more, (or less), it has a fat content of only 14% and has been specifically developed for use in coffee and other hot beverages. Clover brand manager, Nina Jacobs, says Clover spotted the opportunity for innovation within contemporary coffee drinking culture and the products associated with it.

The difference between this variant and Clover’s other cream variants is in the formulation. Clover Café Crème will not form fat globules on the surface of the coffee, like normal cream usually does and also does not form an oily film on the palate when consumed.

Clover Café Crème is available in 500ml, SealFresh packs. This chilled, long-life product has a refrigerated shelf life of 30 days.

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