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Parmalat Yoghurt Range

Clive’s Column – May 2010


It’’s getting tougher and tougher for consumers to choose from the flotilla of yoghurt brands, each competing for a share of fridge space, each featuring an impactful design printed on in-mould-labels.

Using Deryck Medley’s design work, multinational food group Parmalat has introduced an eye-catching yoghurt range in white tubs with resealable blue lids. The 1kg and the 500g sizes are manufactured from polypropylene copolymer by Marcom Plastics using Netstal injection moulders with multicavity moulds; and the in-mould labels are printed by Alex White on specially imported BOPP using a five-colour Heidelberg press with Hostmann-Steinberg inks. Both Marcom Plastics and Alex White are part of the Astrapak group.

Simultaneously with the roll-out of the yoghurt range, Parmalat has relaunched its 250ml Fresh Cream containers with a blue overcap to promote storage and reuse. The containers are ex Dairypack Tubs, the IML labels are printed by Tadbik Pack, and the foil lidding is ex AFC.


Lindt Spring CollectionFor a company such as Lindt & Sprüngli’s, specialising in gift-oriented premium chocolate products, seasonal business and special events are increasingly important. Mother’s’ Day in South Africa is no exception!

During more than 160 years of existence, Lindt & Sprüngli has become known as one of the most innovative and creative companies making premium chocolate, with six production sites in Europe, two in the US and distribution and sales companies on four continents. Contrary to popular belief, Mother’s’ Day was not conceived in the boardroom of Hallmark cards but dates back to the annual spring festival the Greeks dedicated to Rhea, the mother of many deities, and to the offerings ancient Romans made to their Great Mother of Gods, Cybele.


Tastic’s new Rices of the World rangeThere’’s a premium look about Tastic’s new Rices of the World range. New World Communication’s brilliant design work and use of vibrant colours, features stylised iconography with authentic skyline silhouettes for each of the five variants – Basmati, Jasmine, Bonnet, Sushi and Risotto. All are available in 1kg packs, while the first three are also packed in 2kg. There’’s full endorsement by the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the inclusion of detailed nutritional information with Guideline Daily Amounts tables on the side panels.

The new ‘burst of colour’ look is gravure printed by Nampak Flexible KZN using Eagle inks on 30µm clear BOPP/75µm clear LLDPE while  the reseal tab is supplied by Ferroprint. It’’s a quantum leap from other rice packs, and will go a long way to encouraging local shoppers to experiment with more adventurous recipes.


Manhatten TeaThere’’s a brand new shape to the Manhattan Ice Tea range for both the 500ml and 1,5-litre sizes. It’’s a radical departure from the previous pack and has a funky ‘off-the-shoulder’ look. Like any blockbuster there’’s a long list of credits.

The impressive PET bottles are ex Nampak Liquid/Petpak, while the 40µm PET shrink sleeves are printed by First Impression Labels in Durban with inks supplied by Seracol using Kerry Hobbs’’ design work. The double tamper-evident Portola Sportscap for the 500ml is manufactured by Nampak Closures and the sleeves applied with a Clever steam applicator. Hat’s off to the brand team for featuring a unique shaped bottle with a ‘readable’ barcode that’’s acceptable to the trade!

About Clive Glover

Clive GloverAfter many years in FMCG sales and marketing, and later in packaging as marketing manager of Kohler Plastics and then Kohler Flexibles, Clive formed his own packaging consulting company in 2000. He also started writing articles for various packaging magazines, and purchased his first digital camera to support his articles. Two weeks later was given his first professional photography assignment – and the rest is history.

Clive is now first-choice photographer for many FMCG and packaging companies as he has the valuable knack of working digital magic in the specialised area of pack photograpy.

Clive’s Column appears every month in PACKAGiNG & Print Media Magazine and covers new packs on shelf in SA. Contact Clive

First published in PACKAGiNG & Print Media Magazine, May 2010

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