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Clive’s Column: January 2010


Avocados are rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals while the oil content consists of polyunsaturated fatty acids. One half of a Fuerte fruit supplies a considerable percentage of the daily nutrient requirements and makes an important contribution to a balanced diet. The Fuerte cultivar, the most popularly grown cultivar in South Africa, is probably a natural hybrid between the Mexican and Guatemalan races and has a wider climatic tolerance (especially to cold) than the pure Guatemalan types.

Westfalia Fruit Products, el supremo of South African avocado producers, has introduced Frozen Guacamole to retail customers. Using Vector Graphics’ design work, Resolution Litho prints the sleeves for Westfalia’s new Guacamole Spicy and Original products, available in 200g tubs. Lids, ex Israel, are sealed with film imported from Plastopil Israel.

The tubs are blast frozen during production and stored frozen until merchandised in fridges. There’’s no cottage cheese, mayonnaise, cream cheese or any ‘filler’ in the product. It’s 95-98% pure avocado in the Original variant, and mixed with herbs and spices for the Spice variant. Roll On Labels prints the self-adhesive labels for the tubs using FujifilmSericol inks. Similarly Resolution Litho prints the cartons containing 2 x 250g and 2 x 500g pouches, with material supplied by Cryovac.


Art of Tea Gift PackNumerous credits go to the players behind The Art of Tea gift pack I came across at Woolworths. Kalk Bay Foods’ – owned by Irene Ivy-Schuurmans, Shelley Kobus and Cape Herb & Spice, regularly collaborates with doyens of innovative design, Joan and Jane of Give & Give, to come up with beautiful gifts.

Enter, too, Maitland-based family business, Clifton Paper Products & Packaging, which started publishing greeting cards and postcards more than 20 years ago and now specialises in exclusive gift packaging. Willi Wighard, his wife Beverley, and two sons Carl and Marc, offer a vast range of materials from local hand-made papers to imported materials from the Far East and Germany.

The spectacularly elegant Art of Tea pack was constructed using local Manilla chipboard (ex Sappi) supplied by West Coast Paper and Icena Linen (ex Sappi) supplied by Antalis. Icena Linen was preferred for the box covering because of its flexibility and the embossing prevents finger marks, scratching and scuffing. Kalk Bay Foods purchases the glass tubes from China and the tea is sourced worldwide with the guidance of Khoisan Tea and Nigiro. The emotive picture on the front says it all for me. It’’s the classiest presentation pack I’’ve come across in ages. Take a bow!


Woolworths Creamy DressingThis Woolworths 500ml squeeze PET sauce bottle ex Hilfort Plastics (Astrapak) has the classic no-nonsense sauce look.

The locally-designed 38mm turret cap (2007 Gold Pack winner of the Technical Excellence Trophy) satisfies consumer demand for protection with two tamper-evident bands,– one around the neck and the other on the protective dust cover surrounding the flip-up spout. The spout has a locking design to keep the contents fresh and clean from undesirable contaminants. The closure and protective dust cover are injection moulded by Hilfort Plastics from polypropylene supplied by Safripol, and the bottle is made from PET supplied by Hosaf Fibres. The bottle was specifically designed with a recessed waist to incorporate a full-colour shrink sleeve supplied by DLC (Afripack Consumer Flexibles).


Werda to goWerda Products situated near Bonnievale in the heart of the Breede River Valley produces an established range of ready-to-eat salads in long-life packaging. Using tried and trusted recipes, Werda’’s beetroot, bean, carrot and pasta salads are vacuum packed for convenience and offer long shelf life with or without refrigeration.

However, to introduce the new Werda ‘to go’ range, the company used the award-winning AMPET material developed by FaerchPlast of Denmark, with special retort film supplied by FaerchPlast (locally supplied by AGQPE). The tray sealer used was the Ilpra automatic Speedy vacuum-gas tray sealer (another line from AGQPE). The food was filled in the container, sealed by the Speedy with the special lidding film, retorted, then chilled – to achieve eight months shelf-life at ambient temperatures. Using designs from Creative Performance, Nampak Cartons & Labels prints the tray sleeves.

Bokomo launches Werda To Go salads

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Clive GloverAfter many years in FMCG sales and marketing, and later in packaging as marketing manager of Kohler Plastics and then Kohler Flexibles, Clive formed his own packaging consulting company in 2000. He also started writing articles for various packaging magazines, and purchased his first digital camera to support his articles. Two weeks later was given his first professional photography assignment – and the rest is history.

Clive is now first-choice photographer for many FMCG and packaging companies as he has the valuable knack of working digital magic in the specialised area of pack photograpy.

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First published in PACKAGiNG & Print Media Magazine, January 2010

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