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Clive’s Column: February 2010

Featured this month: Sally Williams’ Happy Valentine’’s Day sleeve; Miller’s Express Cooler; Thai Choice coconut milk; Westfalia organic avocado oil; and Future Life cereal ranges.


Traditionally, St Valentine’’s Day is the day on which lovers express their feelings for each other by sending Valentine’s cards, flowers or confectionery. The team at Sally Williams wanted a sleeve that could be used on all three items in their popular gifting range for Valentine’’s Day promotions, and approached Jansen International for a design.

The outcome was a carton sleeve printed by Masterpack in vibrant reds that makes use of a gold-foiled die-cut heart in the front to showcase the nougat variant inside and another die-cut at the back that cleverly allows the barcode to be scanned. The advantage of ‘one sleeve for all’ is that the sleeves can be applied in-store to shelf stock and then removed after the promotion.


Millers Express CoolerReminiscent of the Savanna Chill pack that earned Mondipak Gold in the 2007 Gold Pack Awards, Miller‘s Express Cooler relies on a double laminate leak-proof liner outsourced by Mondi to UVP (United Varnish & Print Finishing)’s Claymore Paper & Packaging to contain the ice cubes necessary for cooling to take place. The Finishing Post (a UVP subsidiary) does the final folding and packing of the liners for transit. They’’re delivered to SAB in the flat.

Currently available only at Pick n Pay Liquor and Spar Tops, this retail-ready carton requires little explanation for home consumption – simply remove the perforated flaps and drop ice cubes into the vacant space; wait a short while for the bottles to cool, and chill out with a Miller. Mondipak Western Cape’’s Robert Günter developed the Mondi patent for Miller’s Express Cooler. The cartons are printed on a Bobst Masterflex with UV varnish at Mondipak Pinetown and dies are manufactured by Laser Die, Cape Town.


ImageIt’’s an eye-opener to see so many imported products on our supermarket shelves. Over the last 15 years, numerous brands have become firm favourites, selling alongside local legends. Monty & Totco is a privately-owned firm based in Bangkok, Thailand, providing food products to customers worldwide. Since inception, Monty & Totco has been exporting authentic Thai cuisine under the Kam Heung brand to Hong Kong and US markets. The original brands are Monty brand and Tutu’s (no relative of our favourite bishop!). Others include Joe Fish and the premium brand Thai-Choice. This coconut milk caught my attention with its inspired use of the usually drab can top to feature a recipe/product range promotional leaflet.


Westfalia Organic Avo OilAgricultural methods can be described as ‘organic’ for the major part of human history. It was only during the 20th century with the start of mass marketing that synthetic chemicals were introduced to stimulate food supply. Historically, organic farms have been small family-run operations, which is why organic food was only available in small stores or farmers’ markets. However, since the early 1990s organic food production has experienced dramatic growth. To sell alongside its already comprehensive Avocado Oil range, Westfalia has introduced an Organic variant. Organically grown avocados are grown in specially-designated orchards where no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers are used. Fertilizing is done purely through compost and organics.

Triocorp prints the labels designed by Alison Gouws of Vector Graphics; the bottles are supplied by Consol Glass; and the gold-coloured neck capsules are ex Columbit.


Future Life cerealRecently awarded “Launch Brand of the Year” by Shoprite in KZN, Future Life is claimed as an immune-boosting cereal. It’s gluten-, lactose-, and preservative-free, and brand owner Paul Anthony Saad maintains it’’s proving popular among sportsman and people on-the-go as it’’s easy to prepare -– just add tap water and within 30 seconds you have a complete meal.

Just launched is a new range called Nutri Boost for Toddlers, an all-in-one protein porridge. The design is by Outlook Orange, and the cartons are printed by Golden Era. Pinetown-based Packaging World gravure prints the 50g sachets on a Cerutti press on 45g/m2 paper/15µm PE/7µm aluminium foil/adhesive/25µm PE. Inks are from Flint inks (ex Europe). The impressive print is achieved by using electrostatic assist mounted on the press. New Germany-based Westpack manufactures and packs both the Future Life and Nutri Boost ranges. With food safety and customer service as its watchwords, Westpack has established itself as one of the country’’s leading dried food co-packers.

About Clive Glover

Clive GloverAfter many years in FMCG sales and marketing, and later in packaging as marketing manager of Kohler Plastics and then Kohler Flexibles, Clive formed his own packaging consulting company in 2000. He also started writing articles for various packaging magazines, and purchased his first digital camera to support his articles. Two weeks later was given his first professional photography assignment – and the rest is history.

Clive is now first-choice photographer for many FMCG and packaging companies as he has the valuable knack of working digital magic in the specialised area of pack photograpy.

Clive’s Column appears every month in PACKAGiNG & Print Media Magazine and covers new packs on shelf in SA. Contact Clive

First published in PACKAGiNG & Print Media Magazine, February 2010

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