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Clive’s Column: December 2009


A chocolate truffle is a type of chocolate confectionery, traditionally made with a chocolate ganache (normally made by heating heavy/double cream, then pouring it over chopped dark chocolate), centre coated in chocolate or cocoa powder, usually in a spherical, conical or curved shape. Chocolate truffles were first created by M Dufour in France in 1895. They reached a wider public with the establishment of the Prestat chocolate shop in London by Antoine Dufour in 1902, which still sells Napoleon III truffles prepared to the original recipe.

There are now three main types of chocolate truffles: American, European and Swiss. Here’’s a recommended indulgence for any packaholic chocoholic. I found these gems of Nestlé Treasures Chocolate Truffles 4oz bags at Dis-chem, Benmore Gardens. These semi-rigid stand-up pouches, made from PETE, have an appealing see-through look that enhance the contents.


EVIAN JEAN- PAUL GAULTIER DESIGNER NATURAL MINERAL WATERKnown as the enfant terrible (bad boy) of French fashion, Jean-Paul Gaultier never received formal training as a designer. Instead, he started sending sketches to famous couture stylists at an early age. Pierre Cardin was impressed by his talent and hired him as an assistant in 1970. Afterwards, he worked with Jacques Esterel and Jean Patou, then returned to manage the Pierre Cardin boutique in Manila in 1974.

Sold as a single 750ml glass bottle, this special edition Evian Prêt-à-Porter version by Jean Paul Gaultier is already widely acclaimed. A pattern of giant crystals and oversized letters decorate the bottle, playing on transparency and optical illusions.

About Clive Glover

Clive GloverAfter many years in FMCG sales and marketing, and later in packaging as marketing manager of Kohler Plastics and then Kohler Flexibles, Clive formed his own packaging consulting company in 2000. He also started writing articles for various packaging magazines, and purchased his first digital camera to support his articles. Two weeks later was given his first professional photography assignment – and the rest is history.

Clive is now first-choice photographer for many FMCG and packaging companies as he has the valuable knack of working digital magic in the specialised area of pack photograpy.

Clive’s Column appears every month in PACKAGiNG & Print Media Magazine and covers new packs on shelf in SA. Contact Clive

First published in PACKAGiNG & Print Media Magazine, December 2009

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