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Brogurt – the new Greek yogurt for men

One of our oldest foods, the bacterial ferment of cow’s milk has been reinvented in America as a health product bordering on panacea, to wit the extraordinary success of thick, protein-rich Greek yoghurt. Now comes a new take on yoghurt – what one commentator calls ‘Brogurt’, or the “new Greek yogurt specifically suited to address the unique health and nutrition needs of the most neglected consumers in the category: men…” [Click pic to enlarge]

Introducing Powerful Yogurt, a brand of Greek yogurt that’s marketed to look like a protein bar, and promises to help men find their inner abs. You have to love this copy off the website:

The First Yogurt For Men.
From the time of the Greeks, abs have represented dedication, strength, power, and success. That’s why we motivate and recognize the quest for a healthy body, and we help meet the nutritional needs of today’s active man without sacrificing health, performance, or taste.

In a niche typically dominated by female consumers, we decided to develop a new Greek yogurt specifically suited to address the unique health and nutrition needs of the most neglected consumers in the category: men.

This 8-ounce, high-quality, 0% fat premium yogurt will provide a delicious and convenient healthy snack or meal substitute to keep you going in the right direction and help you achieve fat loss, muscle gain and digestive health.

Specifically designed by leading sports nutritionists, expert trainers and food scientists, our Greek yogurt – high-protein, all-natural, great tasting, in a man-sized package – was developed for the active lifestyle.

Powerful Yogurt was created by a group of active, health-conscious, and time-strapped men who’ve been lucky enough to be part of this industry and really think we deserve to have more variety when it comes to eating healthy.

Our hope is that guys everywhere will find that this is exactly what they need for a healthy option in a world where it can be so difficult to eat right. We are not talking about Rocky Balboa but a regular dude like you and us, who works out now and then, who takes care of himself, who likes looking good but who also drinks beer and eats chicken wings.

See more at: http://www.powerful.yt/index.php

Hate to burst this ego, but they’re not the only company to put gender into their yoghurt marketing.

Mammoth YoghurtAt the 2012 SIAL D’Or Awards, the Dairy Products category was won by Mammoth Yoghurt from New Zealand.

Mammoth Supply Co embarked on an innovative and humourous marketing campaign to target only men with this brand of yoghurt, based on meeting a man’s hunger and appetite, rather than developing his abs.

The super thick yoghurt has an innovative central core of grains, seeds or fruit and is packed into a man-sized tub with a spoon in the lid. The launch added significant incremental sales to the mature yoghurt category in New Zealand, in part thanks to the promoting of the product as a yoghurt built to tame a man’s hunger.

The same company also makes several other products for men, including ice cream. Great ads! [Click all pix to enlarge]

Mammoth Ice Cream

Mammoth Ice Cream