Boland Pulp looks to rev up the baby food sector

Following the success of its Squish Pure Fruit Smoothies, Boland Pulp is confident that its new Squish Baby will take the baby food market in South Africa by storm.

Parents with demanding schedules can now turn to the convenience, nutrition and flavourful alternative, from orchard to pouch, says the company.

“Squish Baby is 100% natural with no additives, no colourants, no preservatives, and has no added sugar or sweeteners, and the innovative packaging technology ensures safety with the trend of moving from glass toward pouch. Parents can be rest assured that their child’s healthy growth and development needs are met within our pouches, packed full of essential vitamins and minerals,” says spokesman, Candice Turner.

Squish Baby is designed with weaning in mind and introduces babies from eight months to a variety of new flavours.

Squish Baby pouches are 125g and have a 12 month shelf life. The spout pouch is re-sealable and once opened it can be stored in the fridge for 24 hours. A spoon cannot be placed in the pouch therefore the risk of microbe contamination is reduced significantly, and since the product can be stored at room temperature whilst sealed, it is ideal for travelling, camping, as a snack in the car or the pram.

“Packaged at the source from locally-grown produce, Squish Baby’s smooth consistency and flavourful taste is the ideal way for parent’s to introduce babies to solid food. Offering 40 percent more product per pouch than the imported offering, and retailing at around R7, 99, makes Squish Baby value for money too,” Turner adds.

SquishSquish Baby comes in a variety of flavours: Banana & Prune Puree with Apple; Butternut & Carrot Puree with Apple; Sweet Potato & Butternut with Apple; Carrot & Pea Puree with Apple; Rice Porridge with Banana; and Sweetcorn Puree with Apple.

Boland Pulp, based in the Western Cape, has been exporting first-grade fruit purees worldwide for the last 20 years and has recently added value to its market offering by building a complete pouch factory on its premises in Wellington.

“The decision to build the pouch factory was based on trends in Europe and USA where pouch technology is proving to be the most popular packaging solution seen in decades – no more heavy glass jars or bulky plastic bottles – the spout-pouch has arrived,” comments Turner.

“The pouches are made of a high-barrier material and are lightweight as well as taking up less space on shelf. Using pasteurization as the optimal preservative method, Squish Baby offers a solution to an ever-growing health conscious market. The stand-up spout-pouch makes re-sealing easy and product can be eaten directly from the pouch, or decanted as required.”

Boland Pulp also began co-packing for several big brands and Turner says consumers will soon be familiar with the pouch concept in many varied food applications.

Boland Pulp is confident that the recipes it has developed as well as the spout-pouch packaging it has pioneered in South Africa will see its Chef Ease and Squish ranges becoming brands to watch over the next few years.

Boland Pulp: www.bolandpulp.co.za