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Bokomo launches Werda To Go salads

Much has been written in the global packaging media about AMPET, an award-winning plastics innovation from Denmark’s Faerch Plast and a concept that challenges glass and cans for functionality. It’s now on local shelves, launched by Bokoma its new Werda To Go single-serve salads, as Brenda Neall reports.

THE new Werda To Go range aims to put several topical and consumer-friendly adjectives behind lunch time: convenient, healthy, value for money, economical and tasty.

‘These single-serving salads carry many added benefits as they are ready-to-eat, cholesterol free and fat free. Werda To Go does not need refrigeration, which is perfect for the workplace. They are great for vegetarians and three of the variants are low in GI. We have done all the hard work, consumers simply need to snip and open, to eat hot or cold,’ comments Werda brand manager, Lydia Britz.

‘Bread and sandwiches need some variety and cost competition -– and we believe Werda To Go salads are a great alternative,’ she quips.

Amotz GolanThe realisation of the Werda project, with the product packaged in Faerch Plast’s AMPET trays, is something of a dream come true for Amotz Golan (right) of AGQPE who, as the local agent, has been promoting the AMPET concept for two or so years now.

‘AMPET is a very exciting material – and for good reason it has won many international packaging awards, among them a DuPont gold award and a WorldStar. Until Faerch Plast developed this PET derivative, the options for ambient products have been limited to glass, cans or retort pouches. With glass or cans, new shapes require high investment by both packaging supplier and food packer, and so the possibilities for differentiation are very limited. AMPET withstands sterilisation in standard retorts and autoclaves and so not only offers the same functionality but also pack choice and design flexibility,’ he says.

Werda’s brief, he adds, was to find a packaging format that would allow it to launch appetising, shelf-stable, single-serve salads – with neither glass, cans or pouches fitting its requirements. ‘AMPET packs fit the product like a glove. Werda could choose from over 1 000 existing Faerch Plast packaging designs and they now have a pack that has a notable visual impression of quality and an ambient shelf life of nine months. A bonus is AMPET’s environmentally-friendly profile,’ Amotz says.

As AMPET is a mono-material it can be reused in production, meaning that there is no or little waste in the production process of the tray. After use the material can be incinerated and the ‘borrowed’ energy converted to ‘new’ energy.

Amotz reports that Faerch Plast provides a wealth of packaging know-how on material properties, film, sealing, retorting process etc, and also has a team that specialises in ambient products. Bokomo also called in the expert help of FIRI, a local food science consultancy for input on time/temperature parameters on a new retort system to perfect the taste, texture and microbiological profiles of the new product.

Through AGQPE, Faerch Plast has also supplied the special retort film lidding for the packs. Bokomo has invested in a new tray sealer from AGQPE, the ILPRA automatic Speedy vacuum-gas machine which Amotz describes as ‘representing best value for money in the industry’.

Werda To Go salads (retailing at R13,99) are available in four variants with a distinctly international flair:

  • Indian Tikka Salad – pasta and garden vegetables in a spicy sauce
  • Spanish Vegetable Paella – a mix of rice, lentils and vegetable
  • French Bean Salad – green beans, chickpeas and vegetables in a mild vinaigrette
  • Italia Pasta é Fagioli – traditional pasta and beans in a creamy tomato sauce

Last word to Amotz: ‘This is a very exciting development for South Africa. AMPET is a smart idea with a promising future – it opens up many food innovation possibilities and it’s price competitive, too.’

AGQPE T+27 011 728394;

First published in PACKAGiNG & Print Media, Nov/Dec 2009.

TWO new 420g variants have been added to the existing WERDA range, Samp & Bean Salad and Wheat Salad, both traditional recipes that usually take a lot of time and effort to prepare.

These salads are a great addition to the braai and offers variety and choice. Samp & Bean Salad is suitable for diabetics while remaining low in GI.

The two new salads are packed with flavour and have added health benefits as they are low in fat, cholesterol free, suitable for vegetarians and contain no colourants.

Werda Wheat 
 Werda Samp

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