America’s latest bacon excess – cologne!

America is obsessed with bacon. There’s bacon chocolate, bacon salt, bacon popcorn, baconaise and yes, even BaconAir. The latest step down the bacon-crazed path is to smell like bacon and thus Bacōn Perfume/Cologne (pronounced ba-cone), by Fargginay, was born.

On one hand, crackling bacon is without a doubt one of the most glorious, nose-ticklingly delicious scents known to man, so this seems like a good idea. But on the other hand? You’d smell like meat.

Check out bacōn, the new novelty bacon fragrance that masks an underlying bacon essence with 11 essential oils. Available in two versions-classic, which is more of a maple-y smelling scent, and gold, which smells more citrus-y-the cologne claims to give you “the ability to bring your bacon with you and to harness the subtle and seductive powers of ‘Bacon in a Bottle.'”