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Stafford Bros and Draeger introduces new brand in health foods sector

Stafford Bros & Draeger, with a tradition of introducing innovative and new food brands into the South African market, has recently launched Waistline, its new health food brand, kicking-off with a range of basmati rice cakes.

Basmati rice cakes may well turn out to be the flagship of the new Waistline range. Noting the steadily increasing switch to rice cakes as the healthy and tasty alternative to wheat-based products – and the growing preference of basmati rice’s subtly-fragranced flavour – basmati rice cakes seemed the obvious choice to fill a need, says a company press releease.

Waistline by Stafford Bros & Draeger also offer a choice of unsalted and lightly salted basmati rice cakes, further focusing on health.

‘Having our antennae tuned to market needs has been the secret to Stafford Bros & Draeger’s steady growth. And by constantly introducing new brands, and new products, the company is also meeting the need of retailers to bring new and exciting products to their customers as often as possible,’ comments Chris Lewis-Enright, MD of Stafford Bros & Draeger.

‘The introduction of Waistline is further proof of Stafford Bros & Draeger’s commitment to creating tasty and nutritious food for the health-conscious. While the Waistline brand of health foods are not necessarily lowest in low fat or calories, they are a more flavoursome and more slimming alternative, leading to a healthier lifestyle. Furthermore, the company’s philosophy that only top quality is good enough is carried out in the quality of ingredients used in the Waistline range.’

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