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Red Brussel sprouts

UK: M&S launches red Brussels sprouts

People love ’em or hate ’em, but now Marks & Spencer believes that it has come up with a way of increasing the popularity of Brussels sprouts – by turning them red and rebranding them as a health food.

The retailer will start selling red Brussels sprouts in time for Christmas in what it claims will be a first on the UK high street. The red “super sprouts” will contain higher levels of vitamin C than traditional green sprouts, according to Dr Simon Coupe, an agronomist at M&S.

“We’ve been working with our sprout producers for over 30 years and are really excited to be offering customers these striking red sprouts. They keep their vivid colour after cooking, so will be a great addition to the dinner plate,” said Dr Coupe, who added that the red sprouts are “packed with vitamins and minerals”.

The sprouts, which will be available from the end of this month, have been grown in the UK by Andrew and Frank Roger, two brothers who have been working with M&S since 1976.

M&S has a long history of selling “super fruit and veg”. It has previously sold so-called ACE peppers that were high in vitamins A, C and E. It has also sold tomatoes enriched with the mineral selenium.


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