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Torus Pak

A new way to have a restaurant experience at home

Torus Pak is an innovative new HMR food packing system that allows ready meals to be prepared as a producer would want to present them on a plate – and it’s being launched in South Africa by AGQPE Food Packaging Systems.

The market is overwhelmed with ready meal solutions – but mostly they force the the consumer to eat out of a container or shovel the contents onto their plates with the result that the presentation is lost.

This is where the genius of Torus Pak lies: it comprises a removable bottom tab that is easily drawn back under the food, and a frame that guides the placement of the food allowing the meal to be perfectly presented on the plate.

AGQPE, renowned in SA for securing innovative packaging solutions, has recently acquired exclusive country rights to Torus Pak and will be launching it to market at Propak Cape in October (25-27).

The company’s Amotz Golan expands: “This is a Swedish concept that has been several years in the development and refinement and is only now  rolling out in Europe – it’s still very new. The business proposition behind Torus Pak is that it allows frozen/fresh meals to be microwave heated and then served on a porcelain plate at the same multi-sensory level as meals served at a fine restaurant.”

He believes that this solution will allow the ready meal industry to reach new markets by not only focusing on flavour and quality of ingredients, but also on how food looks on the plate, even lifting the ready meal into the realm of fine dining.

Benefits and features:

  • A unique solution for all types of prepared food. The system combines Torus Pak trays, top film and a Torus Pak sealing machine.
  • All Torus Pak trays are easy and simple to use, and have been tested on consumers of all ages and abilities.
  • The Torus Pak tray has all the same features as a traditional tray in strength and appearance but includes the additional feature of a pull tab that opens the package from the bottom. To use the tray simply pull the tab to open the bottom and the freshly cooked meal is perfectly presented on the plate.
  • MAP packaged meals can be accommodated.
  • The tray and film are polypropylene – can be frozen and reheated in the microwave.

Watch a demonstration here…


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