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McDonald's Olympic Restaurant

McDonald’s 2012 Olympic restaurant will be biggest in the world

The busiest and biggest McDonald’s in the world will be within the Olympic park in London, when it opens for business next UK summer, seating 1 500 customers.

The fast food company is a long-standing sponsor of the Olympics, and as a result has a monopoly on all the catering outlets within the Olympic park in Stratford, east London, reports The Telegraph.

Though it is understood the company will sublet some of the venues to other companies in a bid to assuage fears from British consumers that the only meals they can buy in the park is fast food.

McDonald’s is building four new restaurants at the park, with the flagship outlet seating 1 500 customers, ten times the average size of a restaurant in Britain. It will be 30 000 square feet (9 145 square meters), trumping its current biggest store in Orlando, Florida.

One restaurant will be in the Athletes’ village, which is likely to attract criticism, though Usain Bolt, the 100m gold medal holder, is famously a fan of chicken nuggets.

During the month of the games it will become the busiest of the company’s 30 000 restaurants in the world, temporarily taking over the Pushkin Square outlet in Moscow.

The company estimates that it will sell 1.75m meals at the four Olympic outlets during the month of the games. This will work out at about one in four people visiting the Olympic park buying a McDonald’s. It usually sells about 72.5m across its 1 200 outlets in the UK.

During the 2008 Beijing games it sold 1.25m meals at the Olympic park.

Jill McDonald, the chief executive of McDonald’s UK, said: “To be involved in the greatest sporting event on earth is hugely exciting and we are delighted to be able to celebrate one year to go by showcasing these plans.”

“Visiting McDonald’s is fun and the design and graphics in these restaurants will take that to new heights. We want everyone who visits our Olympic Park restaurants to have the best possible customer experience and are confident that the look and feel of these cutting-edge designs will provide that environment.”

Source: The Telegraph

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