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ADM hails ‘timely’ soy protein launch for stealth nutrition in beverages

ADM has yet to determine pricing for its ‘invisible’ new soy protein Clarisoy, but says it will provide a cost-effective alternative to whey for firms looking to add high-quality protein by stealth to juices, sports drinks or clear beverages.

ADM recently struck a global licensing deal with Burcon NutraScience Corporation to produce, distribute and sell Clarisoy – which was developed by Burcon – and plans to manufacture it at its soy protein manufacturing facility in Decatur, Illinois.

While Clarisoy has been available for testing for some time (Burcon has been producing it at its Winnipeg laboratory for sampling purposes since 2009), ADM has not yet disclosed when commercial quantities will become available.

“ADM is aggressively pursuing the commercialization of Clarisoy 100, the first product to launch in the Clarisoy line. While production details are still being finalized, the entire Clarisoy line will be manufactured at Decatur,” said a spokeswoman.

The near-transparent protein was showcased by ADM in an orange/mango juice drink at the recent IFT expo in New Orleans, with customers impressed by the “clean flavor, lower viscosity and smooth mouth feel of the beverage”, she claimed.

“We were repeatedly told that it just tasted like juice and they couldn’t even tell there was soy in the drink.”

It was too early to talk about price, she said: “We have not determined pricing yet; our focus now is on building the plant and working with our key customers.”

However, as whey protein prices had recently gone through the roof, Clarisoy would offer a more cost-effective alternative, predicted Britton Walker, director of sales: “This is a really timely launch.” …..

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About Clarisoy

Clarisoy is a soy protein product that is said to be 100% soluble, transparent and very low in viscosity in low pH (acidic) beverages.

Burcon claims that by using Clarisoy transparent, protein fortified beverages such as juices, soft drinks and sport drinks in the low pH range can be produced.

In addition to its use in ready-to-drink beverages, Clarisoy may also be used to fortify powdered beverages. Clarisoy may also be used in a variety of food applications beyond beverages as a result of its flavor profile.

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