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Mars powdered milkshake

UK: Mars enters the powdered milkshake market

MARS is entering the powdered milkshake mix category with the launch of MARS Chocolate Milk Mix. The eye-catching packs feature the iconic black, red and gold MARS colours with a red and white straw spelling out the word Mix to accentuate the family positioning for the product.

The product doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives and adds just 60 calories to a glass of milk. Each 350 gram jar provides enough mix to make 20 glasses of milkshake.

“Bep Dhaliwal, trade communications manager for Mars comments: “MARS Chocolate Milk Mix adds a new twist to the category with its unique chocolate, caramel and malt taste.

“This coupled with the huge brand recognition of MARS, eye-catching packaging and a competitive price point is sure to shake-up the category.”

Source: Mars

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