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NoMU gives drinking chocolate a reboot

NoMU, one of SA’s fastest-growing food innovation brands, has launched an everyday drinking chocolate, building on the success of its top-selling sugar-free hot chocolate.

Co-founder of NoMU, Tracy Foulkes, describes its genesis in true NoMU style…..

“NoMU turned 10 in December 2010 and to mark the occasion, Paul [Raphaely, her husband and business partner] and I stopped for a bit of cheek-rubbing and head-scratching. We spoke a lot about the mistakes we have made and the things we could have done better that might have saved us a lot of time and maybe a lot of money, too. We have taken 10 years to learn some pretty big lessons.

“One major lesson, (discovered mostly by accident), was that South Africa actually was quite happy to consider trying a new Hot Chocolate – even a sugar-free one at that! We decided to prove once again that the much neglected ‘everyday’ drinking chocolate doesn’t have to be a mundane, price-optimised exercise. For not much more in actual cost, consumers SHOULD be able
to experience something delicious and properly quality-driven. Why can’t there be a beautifully packaged item in this segment too?

“NoMU premium Drinking Chocolate is perfect for the whole family and not only is it good looking but we think that kids and grown-ups alike will fall in love with its rich, wholesome chocolate taste. This one is a seasonal all-rounder, enjoyable in summer as a refreshing iced
chocolate drink or perfect for a warm and comforting snuggle-up during winter… Thanks to its versatility, it can even be whizzed up with ice and coffee to make a delicious frappuccino, blended with milk and bananas for a scrumptious smoothie or sprinkled over cappuccinos, ice-cream, pancakes or waffles.

NoMU choc range“True to form, NoMU Drinking Chocolate contains only the highest quality ingredients, with no artificial colours or flavourants. NoMU has always tried to stand for surprisingly good value for money, outstanding quality and a consistently excellent taste experience! We also have a sharpened attitude on environmentally-friendly packaging; the composite ‘tin’ is produced locally thereby reducing the carbon footprint and supporting local manufacturing.

“Along with changes in key suppliers, the global recession and a pesky civil war in the world’s biggest cocoa-producing country, meant that the Drinking Chocolate took 17 months to develop. During this time we had a chance to rework the formula more than 20 times.

“We just wish we had thought of this 10 years ago…for everyone – FINALLY Drinking Chocolate is getting a much needed reboot!”

Key aspects of NoMU Drinking Chocolate
. SUPERIOR TASTE – due to the quality of cocoa sourced specifically for this product
. COMPETITIVELY PRICED – a premium quality product for a reasonable price
. VALUE FOR MONEY – a little goes a long way; only two teaspoons needed to achieve a rich, chocolate taste
. PROTECTIVE, TAMPER-PROOF SEAL – ensures quality and freshness and guarantees a longer shelf-life
. VERSATILITY – can be served hot or cold and can be added to a variety of drinks
. HIGHLY DETAILED AND INFORMATIVE LABELLING – helping consumers understand the product and its uses


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