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Snackworks unveils new packaging for favourite SA brands

Snackworks, owner of iconic South African brands such as , has unveiled new and refreshed modernised packaging for all its products. At a gala evening held at The Venue in Melrose Arch, the company also also showcased new advertising strategies for the various brands.

“The re-launch will inject fresh personality into the Snackworks brand and entrench the company’s position as a leading supplier of biscuits and snacks in Southern Africa,” said Commercial Director Mike Cathie. “South Africans have come to rely on the trusted packaging that represents our long-established brands. Our new packaging reflects the changing demands of our target market. The fresh, new look shows that our traditional brands, which are over 160 years old, can compete with the best of the latest and younger brands.”

Bakers biscuits are a South African institution, as entrenched in South African tradition as koeksisters and braais. The popular biscuits, made using the finest ingredients, have been in local production for over 160 years. The new-look packaging is all about capturing the essence of this well-loved and trusted brand; and reclaiming its market leadership status by differentiating it from copycat brands.The brand’s advertising strategy will focus on television commercials, outdoor billboards, sampling and specific activation campaigns. Consumers can look forward to the firstBakers Blue Label Marie television commercial, after many years off-air.

There is also new power-packaging for family favourites such as Zoo, Tennis, Jolly Jammers, Jambo’s, Marie, Eet-Sum-More, Strawberry Whirls, Romany Creams and Chockits biscuits. The old favourite Boudoir biscuit is also back, after months of perfecting the finger-biscuit recipe. Consumers can now look forward to its return, bigger and better than ever.

Snackworks ProVitaSouth Africans ate their way through over 32 million packets of Marie and Toppers biscuits in 2010. Consumers can now enjoy the new, smaller, more affordable 70g Blue Label Marie and 50g Toppers packets, aimed at satisfying the emerging markets growing demand for these brands. The biscuits will be priced at keyprice points, offering local traders a more affordable pack of the Bakers product they know and love.

“Informal traders and consumers show clear preference to Bakers due to the strong brand equity. We want to share our magnificent brands with a broader segment of consumers,” said Douglas Place, Emerging Markets Marketing Manager. “By addressing the desires of the emerging market for our brands we are able to unlock a lot of growth potential. Our desire is for our brands to be as present, as enjoyed, and as loved in the emerging market as they are in the more formal trade.”

The brands will be supported in key wholesalers around the country with point of sale merchandise and activated at South Africa’s biggest taxi ranks.

According to Jeanne Rosenberg, Bakers Marketing Manager, health and wellness remains a top priority for the young and the old, but that does not mean consumers have to indulge in tasteless snack-time treats. “Provita crispbread have been in South African kitchen cupboards since 1926 and consumers have come to rely on the brown paper wrapping that represents flavour, health and homely goodness,” she says. “The new Provita packaging takes this traditional design and pairs it with a positive, contemporary look and we are very excited to see the response to this in the marketplace.”

Children’s favourite and cheddar cheesy snack, Mini Cheddars will launch an exciting advertising campaign for Mini Cheddars in May and is guaranteed to delight and entertain audiences.

Willards, the party chips synonymous with good times, is also debuting new packaging. The Willards brand includes popular chip brands such as Flanagan’s, Big Korn Bites, Crinkle Cut, Original Cut, CheasNaks, Flings, Cheese Curls and Bakers Street (Jumpin’ Jack & Diddle Daddle popcorn).

“The new packaging is fresh, modern and electrifying and does a better job of communicating with consumers. The new packs brings the brands to life on shelf and ensures consumers are better informed of the crispness, favour and great taste of WIllards. New flavours will also be revealed soon,” said Julia Dawson, Willards Marketing Manager.

Dawson reveals that Willards is also the name behind a significant corporate initiative, Dance Against Drugs, to combat drug and alcohol abuse amongst learners in South Africa and raise awareness on how this is crippling the South African youth. “An overwhelming 15 percent of our population has a drug problem and one in two school children admit to experimenting with drugs. Recent studies highlight the average age of drug dependency in South Africa is 8 years and dropping every year. Willards is determined to lead the fight against drug use in South Africa by using a medium that talks to the youth of today. Hip Hop was the perfect answer.”

Dawson believes that dance is the only “high” our kids should be chasing after. “We wanted to avoid the usual, often ignored, commercial messages into schools. Through hip hop, we can communicate to children in a language and an art form that they understand and consider cool.”

Source: Snackworks

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