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Newsletter 14 January 2011


Weekly Newsletter: 14 January 2011

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Editor’s Stuff – New start for FOODStuff SA

The new year is a good time to start afresh and that’s what I’m currently doing – a complete overhaul and redevelopment of FOODStuff SA to bring it up to date with the latest software and a revamped look.

The migration from old to new is time-consuming and there is also no point in posting up new material to what will shortly be an old website.
So I present you here, dear subscriber, with a snapshot newsletter this week – with the article links on this email, rather than on my usual website-published version.

Things, hopefully, will be back to normal next Friday and with it, a new-look FOODStuff SA.

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Feature articles of the week
Key Trends in Food, Nutrition and Health 2011

Each December the globally-respected consultancy, New Nutrition Business (NNB), publishes its annual review of the 10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health. These are the important trends which it believes will shape the business of food and health not only in the next 12 months but for many years beyond – trends which every company must take into account in developing a food and nutrition strategy. Do read the highlights of this brilliant report herea FOODStuff SA Exclusive!

InnovationPerspective: Innovation in large companies

Innovation is risky business. It starts with an idea from an individual inside the company. The fragile idea will run into so many hardships from within the company let alone technical difficulties. It is unfortunate, but it is natural. Most people working in large companies are working there because they are risk-averse anyway. If they were risk takers and truly innovative they would have started their own companies. An innovation will fail numerous times within the company before it can even make it to top-level management. Trial and error method is often difficult to defend in a company yet it is the very spirit of innovation. Read more

How humankind was liberated from localism
While growing energy use and global trade have led to rapidly improving standards of living across much of the planet, some now advocate a return to localism as the means of production. For example, growing more of our own food in gardens, generating our own energy through roof-top wind turbines and crafting our own material goods are seen as the solution to a range of contemporary economic and environmental problems.

Unfortunately, the result would be a socially regressive slide back towards subsistence and poverty. Spiked. Read more

FOODStuff SA is published and edited by Brenda Neall.
This newsletter, published every week on, is a cherry-picking, agglomerating service for all food and beverage industrialists.

Subscription is free – alert your colleagues!

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