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Clover launches one percent low-fat milk

Clover launched its 1% low fat fresh milk, The One, this October, following hot on the heels of Fair Cape Dairies in Cape Town.

An additional variant to the South African market which is split into Full Cream, 2% Low Fat and Fat Free milk, this new option, the company believes, fills the market gap between health-conscious individuals and milk enthusiasts.

According to Synovate’s three-month moving August 2010 market share statistics, Clover is the market leader in fresh milk with a market share of 27.7% for the three-month moving category; the closest competitor is Pick n Pay in the private label (DOB) category with 16.4%. Taking Clover’s leadership into consideration the company believes it made perfect sense to expand and grow the milk category and stimulate sales.

The only low-fat variant available in South Africa is 2% low fat, both for fresh and Ulta-High-Temperature (UHT) milk. With health becoming increasingly important, introducing 1% low fat milk, The One, in a differentiated pack became not only an opportunity, but also an imperative.

Clover’s aim was to create a new category for 1% low fat milk, seeing a need to grow the health and lifestyle section of the milk market. The One has only 1% fat which is claimed to make it the ideal choice if you want a lower-kilojoule alternative without compromising on the same taste compared to regular 2% low-fat milk. The One, as with other milk, isn’t only a calcium source, it’s high in protein and vitamin D, B2 & B12.

The One is available in 1l Sealfresh Fresh Milk, 2l Fresh Milk in a square plastic bottle as well as 1l UHT Milk in a plastic bottle. If stored below 5°C the shelf life of the Sealfresh is 14 days and that of the 2l Fresh Milk is 10 days. The shelf life of the UHT is six months.

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