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Whiter teeth the promise of new Dentyne

Cadbury’s has launched a new functional chewing gum, Dentyne Peppermint White, aimed at giving South Africans a whiter, brighter and healthier smile.

Approved by the SA Dental Association, Dentyne Peppermint White is said to be the first chewing gum in South Africa that is clinically proven to whiten teeth within four weeks(1).

“Research indicates that by simply chewing two pellets of Dentyne Peppermint White four times a day within four weeks you will achieve a whiter and brighter smile(2). Dentyne has always been at the forefront of innovation in the gum category, providing great tasting sugar-free chewing gum that is good for teeth. The launch of new Peppermint White is sure to bring out a beautiful bright smile,” says Alistair Mokoena, Cadbury South Africa Marketing Director: Candy & Gum.

The product contains active ingredients that assist in whitening teeth as well as micro-granules called Brightbeads. In addition, this sugar-free chewing gum contains the naturally-occurring sweetener xylitol, to help fight tooth decay and prevent plaque growth(3).

“With all the added benefits of Dentyne we believe that this new product is a perfect oral care partner,” concludes Mokoena.


1. Based on chewing two pellets, four times a day

2. Cadbury Adams USA LLC: Whelton, H. BDS, PhD, MPHD (2003): Change in Extrinsic Tooth Stain by Commercially available Chewing Gum Using Photographic Test Method. 54R12-0011

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3. Rugg-Gunn AJ, Edgar WM, Jenkins, GN(1981): The Effect of Eating Snacks upon the pH of Human Dental Plaque. British Dental Journal 145:95-100

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