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Big on innovation: NOMU’s new minimakes

Yet something else new and innovative from NOMU arrived on my doorstep this week, a first-of-a-kind range of small-batch baking kits called NOMU minimakes.

The concept serves up a set of dough and batter products that give almost limitless ways to experiment and play with baking.

The company describes its latest innovation as a “one-stop baking solution for a world of delicious bakes, from tender cakes, festive tray bakes, fudgy brownies, and warm skillet blondies to chocolate chip cookies, glorious desserts, golden cookie slices and so much more!”

NOMU’s Paul Raphaely, co-founder of NOMU along with his wife, Tracey Foulkes, says, “Think of these as beyond the baking kit solutions where you now have a cheaper, more price-sensitive choice that doesn’t make more than you need, but can be easily adapted and improved, too, if the mood takes you.

“It’s a range of product that deliver batch sizes that make much more sense, and fun, for smaller families. minimakes are perfect for baking or making something special and wholesome, easily, quickly and with limited to no waste.”

There are seven variants: Chocolate Brownie Batter, Chocolate Cake Batter, Chocolate Cookie Dough, Spiced Cake Batter, Vanilla Blondie Batter, Vanilla Cake Batter, Vanilla Cookie Dough.

The online price is R48.50 on the NOMU website.

And, of course, there are dozens of recipe options on the NOMU website to put these mixes to yummy use.

Another very nice one from NOMU! And true to its stated mission of “Built around the idea of ‘Gourmet, every day’, NOMU aims to inspire creative kitchens anywhere in the world, using only the very best quality ingredients to create consistently amazing flavours, whether you’re an expert or an absolute novice.”

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