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Advanced monitoring of food temperature and humidity

Testo has re-thought temperature and humidity monitoring and offers considerably simplified automated measurement data recording.

It’s an obvious requirement that foods must be stored and processed under impeccable climatic conditions, but the time and costs for the permanent and accurate monitoring of temperature and humidity is often onerous and unreliable.

However, with the data logger system testo Saveris 2, all relevant ambient conditions in refrigerated and deep-freeze rooms, refrigerated cabinets, and in food transport are under control. Simple, any time and anywhere.

The challenge

In order to eliminate risk factors, food businesses must follow a HACCP concept. National and international laws and standards prescribe adherence to the cold chain. Foods must be stored continuously at defined upper and lower temperature limit values, typically between -30 °C and -18 °C or +4 °C and +8 °C.

Data loggers or a measurement data monitoring system are generally used to monitor temperature and humidity safety. Conventional data loggers must be read out singly. One person is always responsible for collecting the data and transferring them by cable to a PC. Apart from this, data loggers do not automatically provide the responsible people with alarms when temperature limit values are violated.

Measurement data monitoring systems, on the other hand, automate monitoring, but need complicated installation and must be integrated into existing IT structures. Apart from this, they’re also not exactly cheap to buy and maintain.

The solution

The new data logger system, the testo Saveris 2, offers a cost- and time-efficient measurement solution, and considerably simplifies the automated monitoring of climatic ambient conditions.

It consists of a set of WiFi data loggers as well as a cloud-based application which is operated via the internet. It works on the following simple principle:

  • The data loggers measure temperature and humidity values via internal or external sensors and transmit the measurement data by wireless LAN to a server.
  • The measurement values are stored safely online in the Testo Cloud, and are always available. They can be called up, managed and analyzed anywhere and at any time using a PC, Smartphone or tablet.
  • A valid web browser serves as the user interface.
  • In the case of a limit value violation, the system automatically sends an alarm by e-mail and SMS (optional) to the desired end device.

Measurement values always to hand

The great advantage of testo Saveris 2 is its simplicity. Commissioning the system is easy without the need to study complicated instruction manuals. A few minutes after unpacking it, the wireless probes start transmitting the first measurement values by WiFi. No software is needed for recording, analyzing, and saving measurement data. Manual readout of the loggers is no longer necessary.

The double storage of all measurement values – in the data logger and in the Cloud – ensures a high level of data security. With testo Saveris 2, the monitoring of ambient climatic conditions is intelligent. Without the need for a single cable to be installed, or a complicated IT infrastructure with firewalls, databases or backups to be serviced.

After registering in the Testo Cloud, you immediately have an overview of all current measurement values. It allows management of locations, to create user profiles and program the WiFi data loggers, e.g. in order to define measurement rates, limit values or alarm notifications. The measurement values and reports can be completely downloaded at any time.

Direct live data exchange

Constantly changing regulations, increasing demands in quality assurance, and greater liability risks create a permanently growing need for documentation.

Automated data flow is, furthermore, of increasing significance, not only eliminating sources of error in measurement, reporting, transfer and evaluation, but also considerably simplifying traceability in cases of emergency. Many concepts designed for this involve time delays and high costs.

The automated processing in the Cloud, with its infinite computing and storage capacity, makes all measurement data available almost in real time, and solves these problems: 

All measurement data can be viewed, shared and managed simultaneously by all authorized staff anywhere – on a PC in the office, with a smartphone when out and about, or with a tablet at home.

The data logger system testo Saveris 2 is available in different variants. Two of the five WiFi data loggers have integrated probes, the other three require one or two external probes from the comprehensive probe range in order to be able to measure temperature and humidity. 

Different license models are available for the use of the cloud, depending on the number of loggers and the type of alarm required. 

The testo Saveris 2 increases operational efficiency, ensures quality and prevents possible damage to goods – while adhering to laws, standards and regulations.

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