The Taste Space – test kitchen and sensory expertise for hire

The launch of the taste space is an interesting idea – a fully-equipped sensory research facility for hire in Hillcrest, KZN, that’s based on the flexible workspace concept: pay for what you need and no fixed-term contracts.

Heidi Grimmer, PhD

The business is the brainchild of Dr Heidi Grimmer who describes the taste space as “a versatile sensory research facility that offers flexibility and support to businesses and individuals in need of sensory and taste-related testing and R&D”.

Staffed by a team experienced in sensory research and product development, clients can benefit from their expertise and guidance, or rather rely on their own personnel and data collection methodology.

Grimmer and her team bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Her background in flavour creation from her time at Givaudan, coupled with her extensive 14-year tenure at SABMiller R&D working on beer flavour and shelf-life stability, positions her well to provide valuable insights and practical assistance to clients. She has also served on the editorial board of the SA Food Review magazine.

“The facility provides a valuable resource for businesses and individuals who want to conduct taste tests, research, validation, and exploration,” says Grimmer.

“The concept of paying for what you need without fixed-term contracts offers flexibility, making it easier for clients to access the necessary resources on demand, and according to their specific needs.”

The taste space comprises a well-equipped kitchen to allow for preparation of food samples, which can be served immediately in the 14-booth sensory booth area. 

The flexibility extends to the optional use of the in-house trained panel which can be valuable when discrimination testing or for prototype optimisation is required prior to consumer research. 

Grimmer can also assist with the recruitment and screening of consumers if this is required. The flexible packages allow the clients to select and only pay for what they need.

Overall, “the taste space” appears to be an innovative solution for those seeking a fully equipped sensory research facility and expert support for their taste-related projects.

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