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FREE WEBINAR | All about protein and meat substitutes

What to consider during new product development….

Alternative protein sources have been an extremely popular trend over the last couple of years, leading to some incredible innovation – but the nutritional consequences are not always considered.

This no-charge FACTS SA webinar will shed some light on this topic.


  • What are the essential nutritional components in meat that must be considered when making an analogue?
  • What are the driving factors behind consumer decisions?
  • Is ‘plant-based’ the only alternative protein?
  • What about the growing trend of fermentation for protein content?
  • Is cell-cultured meat better for the environment?
  • What about allergen risk, in the case of insect protein?

Who should attend:

  • Food Scientists
  • NPD team
  • R&D Specialists/Managers
  • Dieticians

Date & Time:

  • VIRTUAL: One hour on 15 February 2023 @ 10.00am



If you are interested in FACTS SA regulatory and nutrition services, please contact them here.

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