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Woolworths launches ‘food for thought’ podcast

Woolworths has launched a podcast series, Food for Thought – Demystifying the Foods Landscape, hosted by award-winning SA broadcast journalist, Redi Tlhabi.

Woolworths describes its rationale for this marketing initiative, as follows: “As the world faces complex issues around food, sustainability, waste, and how retailers and consumer choices alike impact our planet, gaining an understanding of the food landscape has never been more important.

“The Food for Thought podcast series will give listeners the opportunity to discover the big, small and unexpected stories that are gripping the global food community. It aims to evoke curiosity about food production through discussion and debate and empower South Africans to become active participants in shaping the future by making informed choices.”
With her probing questions and genuine curiosity, Redi Tlhabi takes the listener on a fascinating food journey from food to fork, asking the tough questions and interviewing various industry and Woolworths experts and everyday heroes at the forefront of sustainability. 
“Woolworths is a leading food authority in South Africa and has firm sustainability goals in place, working alongside its partners and customers, to create a better future for everyone,” says Cathy Lund, Woolworths Marketing, Content Director.

“This podcast series provides the ideal channel for us to have robust discussions about the state of the food nation as well as educate, entertain and inspire listeners to rethink some of their food purchasing choices.”
The first episode focuses on the much-debated role of plastic packaging. In her engaging discussions with a variety of local experts, Redi unpacks the link between packaging and devastating food waste in South Africa, where 10 million tonnes of food goes to waste each year.

She seeks answers to questions around why plastic is still so widely used for packaging, the value of household recycling and why it is important to do it properly, and the impact food waste has on the environment.

She also challenge the listeners by asking them how much food they waste and if they have thought of more sustainable ways to dispose of their food and its packaging.
“I am delighted to present the Food For Thought podcast. Food is such an integral part of our lives and understanding how it is produced and managed will help us make informed decisions that are in harmony with our planet,” says Redi Tlhabi.
Click on the graphic below for The Food for Thought podcast. It is available to listen to here and on major streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube). 


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