Top SA muso Danny K snaps up Sweets from Heaven

SA’s award-winning musician Danny K has many arrows in his impressive professional quiver – and he is, in fact, an accomplished entrepreneur in the FMCG realm. His food company recently bought the Sweets from Heaven brand.

Danny K (Daniel Koppel) is the founder and CEO of KD Foods that has multiple interests, among them confectionery. After a long relationship with Sweets from Heaven (whose crammed shops used to be everywhere – but no more), he’s now the official owner of the trademark and the business.

“It’s a fantastic brand that I think many South Africans have grown up loving, including myself,” he told Bruce Whitfield on a recent interview on The Money Show, that’s aired on CapeTalk and Radio 702.

He acknowledged that the Sweets from Heaven stores have been through a tough time, but that his acquisition intention was never to run retail shops.

“We may, one day, open the stores again but at the moment the strategy is our pre-packed confectionery and the licensed application of the trademark. Even though the stores may have closed, I don’t think it has tarnished the brand,” he said.

“You will start seeing the brand alongside all the ‘horsemen’ out there like Maynards and Manhattan. We really think that it has legs, and legacy, to be the next big sweet brand in the country purely because it was such a part of our lives for so many years…”

He also told Whitfield that with the past two years so very tough for the music industry, he’s been lucky to have this interest and business, adding that he was talking to him from Dubai where he was with people from the giant Swiss multinational, Bell Foods, “looking at some interesting things around food development”.

Let’s watch this space!

Listen to the interview below:

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