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Eskort launches new Braai Bacon

Stalwart SA bacon brand, Eskort, has upped its marketing game recently – and its latest moves include a brand-new bacon offering and a packaging revamp.

The new Eskort Braai Bacon is claimed as the first product of its kind in the South African bacon market and it “will transform the way consumer’s experience bacon”.

“We are so excited to introduce our latest in bacon innovation. We believe that this will not only be a great addition to consumer meals but it is also an evolution to how bacon is traditionally cooked, opening up doors of inspiration for new recipes and new ways to enjoy a South African favourite,” says Marcelle Pienaar, group marketing manager at Eskort.

The Braai Bacon comprises 20mm pork belly slices and is Beech Wood and Wiltshire cured for the best possible flavour. It comes in 3 x 150g Braai Bacon Rashers per pack and will be ready to eat in just 15 minutes, “delivering on that crispy, savoury taste South Africans have always loved”, adds Pienaar.

In addition to the latest in Bacon, Eskort has also re-designed the packaging of its other eight bacon products including back, streaky, shoulder, round, minced, diced, cuts and lean diced bacon. The new eye-catching makeover ensures the bacon packs are easier for consumers to identify – via the incorporation of primary colour panels to differentiate between the different variants.

In addition, the upgrade of the Eskort Gold Medal with the ribbon to the new trademarked “The Gold Standard Since 1917” medal as well as modernised product photography that provides a delicious product serving suggestion.

Finally, the inclusion of Eskort’s SAFE Badge which is the brand’s new quality assurance badge that acknowledges its absolute commitment to pork product quality in South Africa.

“We are famous for producing SA’s best loved russians and other quality pork products and we hope that Braai Bacon, along with our new bacon makeover, will continue to tickle South African taste buds,” says Pienaar.

Eskort’s Braai Bacon and new product packages has been available in store for consumers to enjoy from early September.

Late last year Eskort announced a brand revamp – read the story here.

Source: Eskort

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