The power of good bacteria

Throughout history human curiosity has given us great inventions that have truly transformed societies and the way of life. Global bioscience company, Chr Hansen, believes that we are entering a new era that will positively influence humans, animals and plants – a new era powered by GOOD BACTERIA.

For instance, by spraying good bacteria in really large numbers on the surface of food, they can out-compete the bad bacteria, helping keep food fresh and safe for longer, helping to reduce food waste as well.

To learn more about how its cultures with bioprotective effect can contribute to the fight against food waste, Chr Hansen recently presented this video at the Australian Food and Grocery Council’s 2021 Symposium.

“Food waste in Australia costs the economy around 20 billion Australian dollars a year. That equates to around one in five bags of groceries that gets thrown in the rubbish bin, which makes it a significant and important matter for the Australian food industry to address. Adding those few crucial days can save food manufacturers also huge amounts of money in the distribution chain,” says Kylie Evans, country manager Australia & New Zealand.

Read more about this on the Chr Hansen website, click here!

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