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New food science/tech resources from Tate & Lyle

Tate & Lyle, a leading global provider of food and beverage solutions and ingredients, has launched Stabiliser University, a new online modular course designed to help formulators and food scientists solve even the toughest stabiliser formulation challenges.

The first module – entitled “Stabiliser Fundamentals” – is a one-hour session that covers the basic principles of formulating with stabilisers, challenges stabilisers can solve in food and beverage formulations, and how manufacturing and processing can impact formulation choices. You can access it on demand via this link.

Selecting the appropriate stabiliser is key to solving challenges relating to taste, texture, mouthfeel, processing and labelling for new and reformulated food products. This online course is designed to help formulators address these issues and to provide a forum for them to learn about and discuss the latest science and trends relating to the stabilisation of food and beverages.

Veronica Cueva, Senior Vice President, Food & Beverage Solutions Global Technology at Tate & Lyle says: “Food science plays an essential role both when reformulating and developing new products to bring to market, which is why food technology matters.

“We offer solutions and deliver detailed technical support on how to apply the solutions to our customers’ recipes, including both formulation and processing knowledge. Stabiliser University is another tool to help our customers on the journey.”

Darrin Peterson, Global Head of Stabilisation & Functional Systems at Tate & Lyle says: “I am thrilled we are launching the first of many Stabiliser University modules this month. This is an opportunity for our customers to gain better insights into and understanding of the complex nature of stabilisation, and for Tate & Lyle to demonstrate our industry-leading knowledge of this essential functionality in the food industry.”

The launch of Tate & Lyle’s Stabiliser University follows the success of three other curriculums – Texture University, Sweetener University and Fibre University – which have attracted many thousand attendees worldwide.

Other developments

Tate & Lyle also recently launched its “Collaborate at Home Kitchen,” a digital engagement hub where food and beverage manufacturers can explore trends, science and solutions that power modern consumer choices.

The hub, which will be continuously updated with new information and insights, guides users through a modern virtual kitchen where they can click on various food and beverage hotspots to get a taste of Tate & Lyle’s thought leadership and category solutions.

At the end of 2020, Tate & Lyle acquired Sweet Green Fields (SGF), a global stevia solutions business. The acquisition also extends its presence in the faster-growing Asia Pacific region with dedicated stevia production and research and development facilities located in Anji, China.

SGF brings a broad portfolio of stevia products and a fully integrated stevia supply chain to Tate & Lyle, including leaf sourcing, leaf varietal development, established agricultural programs and cost-efficient manufacturing. 

Source: Tate & Lyle,

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