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Save time and money in the sterilization and pasteurization of foods

Now here’s an intelligent solution to making sure your sterilization and pasteurization processes are up to scratch – the testo 191 data logger system.

Temperature and pressure must be constantly monitored in the sterilization and pasteurization of foods. This ensures that the measuring values required for the respective preservation process are adhered to and that the temperature is uniformly distributed in the corresponding systems.

The Testo 191 data logger system is the intelligent solution for the monitoring and documentation of temperature and pressure in autoclaving and freeze-drying processes. The system consists of four temperature data loggers, one pressure data logger, one multi-function case and software for programming and readout of the loggers.

The smart all-in-one solution from Testo enables more effective and efficient monitoring of production processes – and this means reliable adherance to quality standards and the saving of significant time and money.

View the details here on this Testo brochure:

For more information contact Testo SA here…

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