Polony-flavoured cheese – Clover looks to disrupt the kota market

South African shoppers regularly encounter eyebrow-raising food inventions, but Clover has come up with one of the most confounding yet: a polony-flavoured cheese.

The food and beverage company launched the product recently, seemingly aiming it at vetkoek and kota lovers. These street foods, popular in townships, are usually stuffed with polony and cheese as the standard ingredients.

Describing the “2-in-1 slices”, Clover said the product combines the great taste of both cheese and polony in one cheese slice, selling it as a more economical substitute. “Pay for one and get the great taste of two,” the marketing material reads.

A packet of 54 slices retails at R97 at Spar and each individually wrapped slice weighs 16g.  

The cheese has a long life and can survive refrigerated for six months post its production date.

Upon unwrapping, you’re met with the sight of pink cheese. There’s the obvious smell of polony – and its flavour is distinct. The creaminess of the cheese then follows, reminding you its cheese you’re about to consume…..

Source: www.businessinsider.co.za, Read the full story HERE

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