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Reading around the web this week: Nov 16, 2020

Your editor spends many hours every week researching dozens of local and global websites – those covering food, beverage, business, science, trends, innovation etc to bring you these items – articles that tweak her interest and relevance radar and ones, she hopes, that will tweak yours, too!

Rooibos Limited agrees to give its competitors a break

Accused of anti-competitive conduct, Rooibos Limited has agreed to stop long-term supply agreements with farmers that lock its rivals out.

Dr Harris Steinman takes on Herbex advertising again, and wins, again!

There is no scientific evidence to support claims made by Herbex that its Ultraslim product range balances blood sugar levels, prevents belly fat or increases the metabolism.

Marmite applies classic ‘love it or hate it’ line to those early Christmas ads

Marmite’s latest campaign features a retching elf! The brand’s courage has earned it a hero rating from advertising expert Andy Rice.

DGB gets well fortified

DGB, the Wellington-based liquor group, has found new owner and instituted a new leadership structure aimed at pursuing new growth opportunities in a post Covid-19 environment.

Mondelēz invests in texture-driven Israeli food-tech start-up

Mondelēz International’s innovation and venture hub SnackFutures has made a seed investment in Torr, an early stage Israeli food-tech company. Torr’s proprietary technology brings “real and simple” ingredients together to offer multi-textural, sensorial experiences.

Minnesota food companies rejoice: Cereal’s not just for breakfast anymore

With many not rushing to the office during the pandemic, breakfast cereal is back in vogue, and Post Consumer Brands and General Mills are reaping the benefits. For the past 12 months, which includes several pre-pandemic months, cold-cereal sales in U.S. retail rose 7.7% — with General Mills rising 9.5% and Post rising 5.3%.

Coca-Cola reveals paper bottle prototype: ‘This opens up a whole new world of packaging possibilities’

Coca-Cola has unveiled the first-generation prototype of its paper bottle: saying it is convinced that paper packaging has a role to play in the future.

McDonald’s unveils its future: from new packaging to high-tech, triple-drive thru stores

McDonald’s announced new packaging, drive-thru technology, and an app. The restaurant is working to increase drive-thru efficiency and streamline designs.

McDonald’s announces the launch of the McPlant — a vegan burger co-developed with Beyond Meat

After conducting several years of market research, the chain’s new burger may be the first in an entire line of plant-based offerings.

Once mocked, non-alcoholic beer creates a buzz as traditional brew sales stagnate

A deep dive into this topic, with a US focus…. New offerings from brands like Guinness and Budweiser are flooding the space as the segment, which pulls in nearly $200 million in sales, suddenly heats up.

Seven trends expediting modernisation in food industry

For a long time, companies could effectively run food safety programmes using only manual methods of quality management, such as pen, paper, spreadsheets and emails. Those practices have served the food industry well, but it was only a matter of time before food safety and quality management systems became mostly an exercise of technology.

Why consumers think pretty food is healthier

People tend to think that pretty-looking food is healthier (e.g., more nutrients, less fat) and more natural (eg, purer, less processed) than ugly-looking versions of the same food.)

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