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Four interesting international foodbev entrepreneurs

Fresh ideas are as important to the food industry as fresh ingredients to a dish. Here are the stories of four entrepreneurs, courageous people who manage to take an idea, a recipe, a concept and scale it up for access to their own people and the world at large.

Since the time when James L Kraft borrowed his wife’s double boiler to develop processed cheese, ideas have sprung from someone’s kitchen onto consumers’ shelves. 

Innovation starts with entrepreneurs – whose inspiration and motivation, In many cases, is rooted in personal experience. These four entrepreneurs – featured recently by – all created and concocted food products intended to appeal to the needs and desires of themselves and/or their loved ones. 

Read on to find out more about how

Cancer survivor Damien Lee couldn’t find a cup of instant noodles that suited his needs – so he developed his own.

Take instant noodle cups – that beloved cheap staple of college students and other cash-strapped types – and make them really good. So good that they cost just about double what they normally do.

As business plans go, that seems pretty counterintuitive. But Damien Lee didn’t succeed – or even, literally, survive – by blindly accepting conventional wisdom…. READ MORE

Denise Woodard couldn’t find good cookies for her severely allergic daughter, so she made them herself.

When you find out that your baby daughter has severe food allergies, but you want her to enjoy cookies, you can: 1. look high and low for the right product on store shelves, or 2. make them yourself.

Or you can 3. make them yourself and put them on store shelves. Of course, it helps if you have major CPG executive experience and can attract Jay-Z as an investor….. READ MORE

Kelli Lipson built the Jello-O shots she made for her college friends into Spoonable Spirits – and she hasn’t graduated yet.

It seems like every college kid’s dream: make money and get class credit by selling Jell-O shots. Oh, and get your professors to help.

Kelli Lipson, a business grad student at Columbia University, is living that dream with Spoonable Spirits, a line of unique desserts that combine two forms of indulgence: sweetness and alcohol. The Jell-O- and pudding-based desserts are all shipped refrigerated from Lipson’s commercial kitchen in New York City. Almost all of them have 5% alcohol by volume (there are some alcohol-free options), with names like “Whiskey Rolos,” “Vanilla Vodka” and “Naughty Nutel-Latte,” made with Nutella…. READ MORE

The search for a non-allergenic base for non-dairy milk led to Jeff Richards‘s Mooala, the only refrigerated banana milk in the US.

When Jeff Richards discovered that he had become lactose-intolerant in his late twenties, he didn’t much care for the available alternatives.

The result: Mooala Bananamilk, the only refrigerated nondairy milk with bananas as a primary ingredient, not a flavoring.

Rolled out in 2016, Mooala is now in about 5,000 stores nationwide, in every state except Alaska. Mooala also markets almond milk and oat milk, but banana milk is its best seller. All products are organic, and all have moderate price points…. READ MORE


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