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Putting a Tesla touch into chocolate chips

Chocolate chips are an important part of baking inventory – and now an American engineer has redesigned them to look, cook and taste better.

Dandelion Chocolate of San Francisco has improved on the classic tear-drop or round chocolate chip shapes. The company is now using its own original, radically different chip created by collaborator, Remy Labesque, an Industrial Designer who has worked with Tesla, Honeywell, and Jupe.

The confectionery company’s executive pastry chef, Lisa Vega and founder Todd Masonis, tasked Labesque in 2018 to come up with a better version of a chocolate chip. The result of his work is a stylish, flatter, shiny pyramid-like chocolate chip that offers more surface area. And that means a more enjoyable cookie.

These are large chips, too. They weigh 3.5 grams each. Vega uses them in her “Maybe The Very Best Chocolate Chip Cookie” recipe. Featuring just two ingredients, the chips comprise cocoa beans and organic cane sugar, consist  of 70% dark chocolate and measure at 2.5cm square. They’re specifically designed to hold up during the cooking process.

In a press release Dandelion Chocolate said Labesque “theorised that the thermal mass of a thin piece of chocolate melts more quickly on the palate,” so “he proposed a novel prototype that was square and faceted, with the edges of the chip tapered to as thin as possible without compromising structure.”

The company also says these chips are great for “nibbling,” which is just as important.

“I’m happy with the elegance of the chip, they melt consistently in baking, and the form interacts with all five taste receptors in the mouth,” said Labesque, “showcasing the single-origin chocolate flavours beautifully.”


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