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Great new – FREE- podcasts from New Nutrition Business

New Nutrition Business is one of the best foodbev trend and innovation think-tanks on the planet – and they’ve just launched a new service, FREE-to-listen podcasts, a media format that’s on a big trajectory.

Personalised nutrition is a trend on everyone lips, but how can food and beverage connect to it? Why are companies big and small investing in regenerative agriculture, and how can it help meat and dairy?

These are just some of the questions they address in the new podcasts. You can listen to them and download on Spotify, Podbean, or Apple Podcast.

To find NNB, simply search for “New Nutrition Business”. If you prefer to listen from your computer, go to the podcast website:

There are already four episodes to tune into:

  • Personalised nutrition – NNB’s research manager, Joana Maricato, interviews Josh Anthony, Nlum founder and personalisation expert.
  • Regenerative agriculture – Why companies, including Big Food, are experimenting with farming in ways that “feed” the soil.
  • What does The Not Company, a Chilean start-up using machine learning to create vegan alternatives, tell us about Silicon Valley disruptors’ understanding of consumer behaviour.
  • How innovative and successful are the products coming out of innovation incubators? A look at two examples –  Ocean Spray Cranberries’ line of plant-based drinks, and Tyson Foods’ snack bites.

Source: New Nutrition Business

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